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Thursday, November 3, 2022

how to find wifi password on phone when connected

Hello Readers

                  Today's post is all about how to see wifi password in android. 

 today in this post you will know how to find wifi password on your phone when connected, when you have used full daily data on your mobile or want to update your mobile, then you need wifi if you have the internet on your computer. If you want to use it, then a mobile or WiFi device is available, but the password is attached to the WiFi device.

When the recharge of your mobile is over, then the internet facility of the mobile is turned off, in such a situation you get upset and then look for a free wifi zone if you have previously connected to any wifi and forgot the password. If so, you can find the password of that WiFi from the Router Web Page.

how to see wifi password in android

In this technological world of the internet, it is very easy to use WiFi but many people do not know the password of WiFi, if you have connected your mobile to any WiFi device, then many times the question comes to your mind that this WiFi What is the password of and how to know the password, in such a situation, you can find out the password in 3 ways, first without Root, second without Root and you can find WiFi password from Google Lens, it has some terms and conditions.

  • The mobile or computer on the WiFi you want to know the password must be connected first.

  • The Router Page of the WiFi whose password you want to know, that is, the Admin password should not be installed, although very few people know about it, who have good knowledge about the computer or the Internet, keep the same Admin password which is the normal of the Internet. There are users, who do not keep the admin password.

  • Internet users are increasing due to WiFi, in such a situation, the robot security present on the Internet is increasing, but a user who has good knowledge of the Internet can know the password of WiFi.

  • The owner of the WiFi or router has changed the username and password of the Administrator Password, such WiFi will not be able to know the password.

how to view saved wifi password on android without root

If you want to know the password of any wifi, then the password is installed in that router page, then you cannot find the password of that wifi because those who are professional users keep admin password in the router page to know the password of wifi. Follow the steps given below for this.

[1] First of all, you have to go to Settings of the mobile, after that click on Wifi.

[2] Then click on Connected or this > arrow symbol.

[3] After this Router Code will be visible on your mobile, click on that code.

[4] Now it will be asking for a Username and Password and click on Login by typing admin on both of them.

If the Go to webpage or Login in option is not coming on your mobile, then after installing the Router page setup app from Play Store, click on Open Router Page.

[5] After this, below Authentication Required, it will be asking for a Username and Password, the login code of both of them is admin, so by typing admin, click on Login.

[6] After this, under Wireless Setup, it is written next to Password, the same is the password of your connected WiFi.

how to see wifi password in android from the root

If you have not got the WiFi password by the above-mentioned method, then you can find the WiFi password from Root mobile, but for, your mobile is Rooted only then you can find the WiFi password.

[1] For this, install the ES File Explorer app from the Play Store.

[1] After this, after opening the ES File Explorer app, go to Settings and turn on Root Explorer.

[3] After this, after going to the file manager, and selecting the device, click on the data file.

[4] Then click on the misc file.

[5] Then open the wpa_supp icant conf file.

[4] Then select HTML Viewer.

[5] Now here is the password of the same wifi written in front of the psk under the SSID.

How to Find WiFi Password with Google Lens

If you do not understand how to find a WiFi password in an above-mentioned way, then you do not need to worry because, with the help of the Google Lens app, you can easily find out WiFi password.

[1] First of all, go to the mobile's Settings and turn on Wifi.

[2] After this, the WiFi password you want to know must be already connected to your mobile.

[3] After this, after clicking on Connected WiFi, Share QR Code will be generated, and a screenshot has to be taken.

[4] After this, you have to go to Google Lens, which is near your Google Voice search.

[5] Now after the camera of Google Lens is open, select the QR Code of the WiFi.

[6] After this, after scanning the QR code, it shows the WiFi password at the bottom.


Here in this post, we discuss all the tips and tricks for how to see wifi password in Android, if you are also searching for a wifi password then follow these steps and know the password.

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