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Tuesday, November 1, 2022

How to open iso file in windows 7

 Hello Readers 

                   Today's post is all about how to mount the iso files in windows 7 and 10.

Software companies use ISO images as a medium to distribute their software when you download the latest version for your OS format from Microsoft's official site when you download the ISO image.

Apart from this, many small of software is available in an iso file and we can transfer it in the form of a folder i.e. with the ISO file extract rar tool or if the computer has an ISO tool then through this we can watch and burn it directly in DVD. activities such as

If you are a fan of computer games, then you must know that many game files are of big GB size and according to the size, three-four or more parts are available in ISO. But, much such software is made, it is not installed by extracting it, to install it in Windows, an ISO mount is needed.

However, a third-party ISO tool is required to mount the ISO file. You can't mount without it. It has become easy after the new OS development because, by default Windows 8, and 10 install ISO software, just you will see a DVD row in My computer by right-clicking and selecting the mount option.

But there is a lot of difference between third-party tools and Windows default tools. In this, you can use a simple feature. I am not going to tell you the complete history here, I am just going to tell you how to mount ISO files on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 in this article? (How to mount ISO file?) You just have to follow the guide given below.

how to mount iso file in windows 7

Mounting an ISO file that you create or download from the Internet is an easy way for your computer.

It's a common scenario to open an ISO file when you're playing a video game, which requires the original disc to be inserted, rather than actually sticking to a disc on your optical drive. You can mount a pre-made game disc or any other software ISO image.

Come, I will tell you an easy way if you are using Windows 7, then for this, you need to install the ISO tool in your Windows, after that, you can use the Mount option.

That's all, you have to do the ISO image you want to mount. You have to click on it and press the 'Right Click' button of the mouse > Select the 'Mount Image to Drive' option in the drop-down list.

Now you will see a DVD drive icon on the right to view the contents of the Mount ISO file or by opening 'My Computer' to install it.

By double-clicking on it, you can access the folder contained in the ISO file.

How to Unmount ISO File?

Once the mounted drive is in use, it must be removed from here otherwise the mounts will remain.

For this, by taking the mouse on the mounted drive in My Computer, right-clicking on PowerISO > Unmounted, or selecting the 'Eject' option.


Here we have told you how to open ISO file in Windows 10, 7 and others, you can open your ISO file by following these methods.

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