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Friday, November 25, 2022

how to make money with Tiki App

Hello Readers 

                    Today's post is all about how to make money with the tiki app.

Tiktok may have been banned in India in today's time, but the place it had made in the hearts of people can never be banned.

how to make money with Tiki
how to make money with Tiki App

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Because only after the departure of Tiktok, many new apps were created in his memory and the apps which were already present got an identity in the market.

And one of them is App – Tiki

But if you do not want to be limited to the entertainment you get from Short Videos of Tiki App, but are thinking of earning some money from it, then Earningmitra salutes your thinking.

Because most people consider the Tiki app as just a time-pass thing.

Although they also have no fault in this because they do not know how to make money with the tiki app.

But after reading this post, you will definitely tell others by sharing it.

So let's start and know how to earn money from Tiki App?

Important points before earning money from Tiki App

As you know, for a Youtuber to earn money, it is necessary that there should be Subscribers on his channel, a shopkeeper can earn money only when a customer comes to his place to buy goods, and a person becomes a leader only when people vote for him and Today Mukesh Ambani is earning crores of rupees only because he has a lot of customers.

Think if a Youtuber is snatched from his Subscriber, a shopkeeper from his customer, a public vote from a leader, and his customer from a Businessman like Mukesh Ambani, then which of these will be able to earn money?

You will say that the answer is simple – none.

Therefore, further, I am going to tell you about the methods to earn money from Tiki App, for this, it is necessary that you should also have people.

Whether you call it Customer, Subscriber, or Follower, it is almost the same thing.

If you have people then only you will be able to earn money from Tiki App.

So at the moment, I am assuming here that you have a good number of followers in your Tiki Account Profile and you want to know how to earn money from Tiki App.

how to make money with tiki

There is no dearth of ways to earn money in this Internet era, just you should know those ways.

That's why further you are telling about some strong methods which are very popular and with their help big actors, and celebrities are earning huge money.

If you implement them, then you're earning from Tiki App will also be indiscriminate. The names of those methods are-

  • Collaboration
  • Paid Promotion
  • Self-promotion
  • Affiliate marketing
  • sponsorship
  • and Refer & Earn

1. What is collaboration?

Collaboration simply means meeting and talking.

If there are a lot of followers in your Tiki app profile, then it means that you have become very famous among people.

Due to this, the eyes of other small Tiki Short Video creators will also fall on you.

And when someone becomes popular, then such people like to make videos, etc. with them so that with their help they themselves become popular.

But you can earn money by using this popularity of yours.

How is that?

If any person wants to make a short video etc. with you, then you should not do this work for free.

Rather, charge some money, etc. according to your profile value.

And in this way, you can earn money from the Tiki app through collaboration.

2. What is Paid Promotion and how it will help to earn money from Tiki App

By the way, we have been doing the work of promotion or promoting things since childhood and are doing it even today.

If I ask you the company whose mobile you have kept now. How is his performance?

You will say that it is good, Battery also lasts well, RAM and ROM, etc. are also fine. And the look is also amazing.

Every person like me needs a mobile like this. You just told the name of the company that the very next day many people will get to see the mobile of this company. This is what Promotion is.

If you promote the product or brand of a company in any of your short videos, then you can charge a lot of money from that company for this work.

You can also earn money by helping to increase the Subscriber of that channel by asking your Follower to subscribe to the Youtube Channel related to the topic from which you make a Related Short Video.

Just for this, you have to contact any Youtuber who needs a Subscriber and you can charge money in return for this work.

Similarly, you can tell your follower about a good website, which is useful for them.

And from here also you can take money by talking to the Website Owner.

You can also earn money by promoting our website with Tiki App. Contact us for more information.

3. What is Self Promotion?

Self Promotion means promoting one's own things instead of promoting another's products/services.

Friend, you can grow your second social media account with the help of Tiki app. And from there also you can earn extra money.

For example-

If the people who have followed you want to know more about you, then you can ask them to follow you on things like Facebook Page or Instagram.

In this way, the accounts made on your other social media will also start growing rapidly.

And the things you are learning how to earn money from Tiki App, you can earn money by applying them on other platforms as well.

If you are a Freelancer then you can sell your services here. For this, you just have to upload Demo Video.

If you have a Youtube Channel, then you can also grow your YouTube from here. And then you can earn money from Youtube.

And if you have a blog too, then you can earn money from Google Adsense, etc by sending traffic to your blog.

4.) Earn money from Affiliate Marketing on Tiki App

You must have ever searched on Google or Youtube that Best Mobile Phone In 2022 or you must have also searched for Best Book In Hindi

So meanwhile, you must have noticed one thing that if you are looking for this kind of information in Youtube, then after completing the information, Youtuber says that you will get a link in the description to buy this item.

And after giving information about the product on the website which comes after searching on Google, it is written below "Click here to buy from Amazon".

So what is all this?

That's it - Business of Affiliate Marketing.

If you bought that product from such a link, then the owner of the Youtuber or website gets a commission from the company running the Affiliate Program.

So you can also do Affiliate Marketing to earn money from the Tiki app. For this you have to Join Affiliate Program.

Then you can earn on Commission Base by making a Short Video of a Related Product and giving its link in the description.

The names of Best Affiliate Program Company are-

  • Amazon Affiliate
  • ebay affiliate
  • and Shopclues Affiliate

5. What is sponsorship?

If you tell your followers/fans about the product or service of a company and help them grow their business, then this type of work is called sponsorship.

Even big creators are printing a lot of money through sponsorship.

In such a situation, you can also make sponsor videos by charging money from the company.

Other ways to earn money from the Tiki app-

  • Friends, the contest goes on every day in Tiki App, inside which attractive prizes are given. You can also earn money from Tiki App by participating in this Contest.
  • You can tell your follower about such an app that gets a Signup Bonus on joining. In this way, you can also earn from the Signup Bonus.
  • So far, with all the methods you have learned about earning money from the Tiki app, it is necessary to have a follower to earn money from them.

But you must also be thinking that is there any way to earn money without Follower.


Here in this post, we discuss the best ways to make money with the tiki app so if you are searching for real ways to make money from home for free so you should check this article.


Q: Tiki App belongs to which country?

Ans: Tiki app is a Singapore company- DOL Technology PTE. 's App.

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