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Tuesday, November 1, 2022

How to increase laptop speed in windows 10

Hello readers

                  Today's post is all about how to increase laptop speed with windows 10. 

If you are a Windows 10 user, then it often happens that while working in the computer, the computer gets hacked or starts working at a slow speed.

Despite the popularity of Windows 10, many people are always wary of new updates or Win 10 runs slow even after updating several times, then reinstalling Windows 10 after formatting Windows.

But, there is no need to go there. If it's been a few months since you've bought a new laptop, then before formatting you need to remember that your Windows 10 and Office suite are enabled with the licensed version.

So before formatting, follow the below how to increase laptop speed windows 10.

how to increase laptop speed windows 10

If your laptop and PC is running at a slow speed, then there are some tips on how to speed up Windows 10, which you should follow these steps. There cannot be one reason for running Windows 10 slow, there can be many reasons.

Come, through this article, we bring you some neat hacks that can make Windows 10 a lot faster.

1. Check Hardware Requirements

It is necessary that to run Windows 10 smoothly, it is necessary to have a minimum of 8 Gb RAM. Because, Windows 10 64bit uses 1800 Mb RAM in normal condition, when using any software in laptop or computer, then they will need more MB RAM.

If you have 4Gb RAM installed in your system then how much MB RAM can be saved in RAM. According to Win 10 requirement, due to lack of 8 Gb RAM, the system starts running slow. So, first of all you need to check your hardware.

If you do not know how much GB RAM is in my laptop and computer, then clicking on "My computer > Mouse right click > Properties will open a new tab in System > Ram you can see the RAM already installed in your system.

Now this question will definitely arise in your mind that I have 4 Gb RAM in my system. What is the suggestion to run according to Win 10 hardware requirement. Your question is very simple, you can expand RAM in computer or laptop to 8 Gb instead of 4 or more according to the budget.

2. Delete Junk Files

how to clean up the computer to run faster windows 10, you should clean junk files on your PC from time to time, like you have been doing daily in Android mobile. These files reside on the hard drive and consume space. However these are of no use to the OS.

Also keep in mind not to use third-party softwares to remove junk files. This is forbidden because it can also delete the necessary and running files of the OS, or one can corrupt the files, along with most of the programs slowing down the PC.

Instead, I would recommend you to use the built-in Windows 10 tools to clean your PC. First of all, press the Windows key once and open 'Storage Settings' by typing 'Storage' in the search.

After this click on 'Temporary files'. Here in the total select file, you can see the size of the junk file lying in your system. Now by clicking on 'Remove files' all the junk files will be deleted.

3. Disable Game Mode

It is better to disable Xbox Game Mode on Windows 10 if you don't play games on your PC. You may not know but instant screen, video and audio capture captures a large part of the resource due to its availability.

To turn it off, open Start Menu > Open 'Game Mode' > On the next page, disable the toggle for Game Mode.

4. Uninstall Multiple Antivirus and Other Programs

Many people install unwanted programs and antivirus and install programs till the C drive is full.

It eats up your RAM and CPU, more of which the antivirus completely satisfies its appetite, which will slow down your Windows system even more.

Actually, Windows 10 comes with preactive Windows Defender, yet people use third-party antivirus. From now on uninstall unnecessary and antivirus programs from your laptop and desktop.

If you feel that your PC has been attacked by a malicious virus and Windows Defender is unable to remove it, I would recommend installing Malwarebytes to clean your PC.

Because, Windows 10 will speed up, will also remove malware and Rogue programs. But do not use free Malwarebytes, then use Malwarebytes premium version, its starting one-year price is $ 39.

To remove it, after clicking on Start menu > Settings > System > Apps & features > the programs or apps you want to remove, click on the 'Uninstall' button.

5. Stop Onedrive Syncing

Microsoft cloud-based OneDrive file storage included in Windows 10. Keeps files synced and up to date across all your PCs. You can also call it a backup tool, whenever a file gets deleted from the computer, it can be restored by sync.

It continuously syncs files between your PC and cloud storage, which can slow down your Windows 10 speed. So one way to speed up your PC is to turn off sync.

To do this, right-click on Onedrive icon > Settings > Account > Unlink this PC > Unlock account.

When you do, you'll still be able to save your files to your local OneDrive folder, but it won't sync with the cloud.

6. Turn On Automatic Windows Maintenance to speed up the laptop

Windows 10 automatic maintenance is a feature that helps keep your computer healthy and optimized by combining and running all maintenance tasks without affecting performance.

Automated system optimization happens once a day when these features are not active on your device, and by default, this automatic maintenance is performed every day at 2:00 A.M. Select, unless your device is plugged into a power source or is in sleeping mode.

If you have turned it off, then turn it on. To turn it on, select Control Panel > System and Security > Security and Maintenance. In the Maintenance section, click 'Start maintenance' and click 'Change maintenance settings' to ensure it runs every day, then selects the time you want to run the maintenance.

After this put a check mark on 'Allow scheduled maintenance to wake up my computer at the scheduled time' and finally click on OK button.

7. Close Background Apps

Many apps are preinstalled in Windows 10 and many apps you download from Microsoft Store keep running in the background and slow down the Windows 10 system.

If you want to check the apps running in the background, then you can see which apps are consuming more CPU time, title updates, network etc. on App history in Task Manager.

To save this, you can turn on / off background apps, first by tapping on Start > Settings > Privacy > Background apps, it is on by default.

I hope these tips will definitely help you to speed up your Windows 10 slow speed. If you have any query related to this article then make sure to let us know in the comment section.

By following all these tips, I sincerely hope your PC will work faster than before. Because, after applying these tips (Windows 10 speed up tips) on my computer Win 10, I have pasted this article for you.

These tips have helped to speed up my Windows 10 sytem and make my computer faster than before.


Here we add some tips and tricks to increase laptop speed in Windows 10.

If your laptop is also running slow then you can also follow these tricks.

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