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Sunday, November 6, 2022

How to get free diamonds in Free Fire With the help of Apps

Hello Readers 

                   Today's post is all about How to get free diamonds. 

 If you are also fond of playing Free Fire and you do not have money to get Diamond and you are looking for a free fire diamond app, then you have come to the right post. Friends, today we are going to tell you the best app that gives you diamonds absolutely for free in Free Fire, which really gives you diamonds.

You do not need to pay any money to get free diamonds in these apps. You can get diamonds absolutely free by completing some small tasks in these free fire diamond apps. You must know how important diamonds are in Free Fire and if you do not have diamonds, then you cannot enjoy the best events of Free Fire.

You can enjoy these events only when you have Diamonds in Free Fire. If you also want to enjoy these events and want to get diamonds in your free fire, then you must try the app mentioned by us once. You must read this post till the end of free fire diamond hack app to get Diamond in Free Fire, so let's start.

Best Free fire diamond app

Friends, in this post, we have told about the best free fire diamond earning app, which really gives you diamonds in the free fire. We have tried to tell every single piece of information about these apps.

You can get diamonds without money from these apps. You just have to complete small tasks to get diamonds. If you also want to get Diamond in Free Fire, then you can get it by installing any one app.

1. Sports Guru Pro

By using this Sports Guru Pro app, you can get Diamond in your Free Fire ID absolutely free. This is the first of our posts and the best free-fire diamond collecting app. You can easily download this Sports Guru Pro app from Play Store. To get free diamonds from this app, you have to first create your account in this Sports Guru Pro app.

After creating an account, you can earn coins by doing some tasks like Daily Spin and playing games to earn diamonds in this app. 10 Coins of this app is equal to 1 Rupee. If you deposit 1000 coins, then you can convert it into 100 rupees and can also buy diamonds from it.

In this app, if you earn 400 Coins, then you can take Diamond directly from it, and instead of 400 Coin you can take 50 Diamond and send it to your Free Fire game ID. There are many ways to earn coins in this app. More than 1 million people are using this Sports Guru Pro app.

2. Rooter

If you have always played Free Fire, then you must have heard about your Rooter app at some point or other. Rooter is an Indian gaming platform and e-sports. You can participate in any game in this app. In this, if you win by playing the game, then you can get a lot of profit. To get diamonds in this app also you need coins like the above app and you can easily earn coins in the Rooter app.

You can earn Coin in Rooter app by just doing some work and converting them into diamonds and sending it to Free Fire ID. 

If you want to convert those coins into money, then you can also convert coins into money. In the Rooter app also you have to earn 4000 Coins to get 50 Diamonds. 

You can send 50 Diamonds to your Free Fire ID very easily. In this router app also you get many ways to earn coins and all these methods are also very easy.

In this, you get Weekly Tasks to earn Coins, share posts, like posts, watch videos, install apps and do daily check.

 You get so many ways, so earning 4000 coins is not a big task for you. If you work on these methods, then you can get diamonds absolutely free. 

Talking about the rating of this app is 4.7 stars and you will find only a few apps with such a good rating on the play store.

3. Winzo Games

You must have known Winzo Games. Winzo Games This is a very popular gaming platform. There are many different games available in this game app. Along with playing the game, you can also get diamonds in free fire from the winzo app.

 In winzo app, you can get diamonds in a free fire id absolutely free and to get a diamond you don't have to do any work in it, just play a game.

You can get free diamonds in Free Fire with the help of winzo app just by playing the game. To earn Free Fire diamonds in Winzo, you have to download and log in to the Winzo app and play the game. 

To get Free Fire Diamonds, you get a separate section of Free Fire in Winzo. There are a lot of Free Fire tournaments going on in this section, in which you have to participate and play Free Fire games.

You can participate in it absolutely for free and if you win in it, you get a bonus. If you do a nail in the free fire game, you get 30 rupees in return. The more players you nail into it, the more money you will earn. With this earned money, you can collect diamonds and send them to your Free Fire ID.

4. Mgamer

Mgamer This is the second app in our post to collect diamonds in Free Fire. This is a 100% real and free diamond-collecting app. In this, you do not have to do any kind of wrong activity to get the diamond. In this, you get diamonds in a legal way.

You can easily get the Mgamer app to download on the Play Store. You can get free diamonds by downloading the Mgamer app from the Play Store. In this app, you get some tasks to get diamonds. You have to complete those tasks and collect coins. In this, you have to deposit 4000 Coins to get 50 Diamonds.

Once you have accumulated 4000 coins, you can send 50 Diamonds directly to your Free Fire ID. Earning 4000 Coins in Mgamer App is not a big deal, you can earn 4000 Coins very easily. 

In this, you get many ways to earn coins, such as - playing games, lucky jackpot, lucky draw, playing quizzes, and reading blogs can also earn coins in it. There are so many ways to earn coins, so you can earn a lot of coins in it and get diamonds from it.

How to get free diamonds in Free Fire

The easiest way to get Free Diamonds in Free Fire is that you have to cross more than 30 levels in Free Fire, after which you start getting Diamonds, so if you are less than 30, you do not get any Diamonds See you later.

To get free diamonds in free fire, you have to play in a great and best way, which makes you chances to get more and more diamonds due to the popularity of free fire games, there are many such apps in the market, by which you can also use them. You can get Free Diamond in Free Fire.


Here in this post, you will learn how to get free diamonds in Free Fire with the help of apps or other methods.

So if you are also searching for free diamonds in Free Fire, then you guys read this post completely.

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