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Tuesday, November 15, 2022

How to extract zip file in android Mobile

 Hello Readers

                     Today's post is all about how to extract the zip files in android programmatically.

Do you want to know about Zip files? If yes! So in this article, we will tell you what is Zip File. Apart from this, through this article, you will also know how to open Zip File on Mobile. If you want to get information about zip files then definitely read this article completely because after reading it you will understand what is a zip file and how to open it on mobile.

What is Zip File

The zip file is a compressed file that can contain multiple directories and data. The size of the zip file is less as compared to normal files. This is a type of file format in which large files can be stored in less space.

Zip files are compressed which takes less space and it is also easy to share them. The extension of the Zip file is .zip. Password can also be applied in a Zip file and this feature has been given so that the data remains secure.

If you have some 6-7 files and after compressing them you put them in one file then it is called a zip file. Now you will have those 6-7 files in the zip file you have created and when you extract it, you will get those files.

how to extract a zip file in android

By the way, the feature of opening zip files is already coming in today's smartphones, but if your phone does not have this feature and you want to open zip files on your phone, then for this you can download the app on your phone.

Below we have told about unzipping zip files through an app. To open the Zip file, you have to download the app named ZArchiver on your mobile and then follow the steps given below.

1. First of all, you have to download an app named ZArchiver from the Google play store on your phone.

2. After downloading, now you have to open the app and give storage access to the phone by clicking on allow.

3. Now an interface like file explorer will open in front of you in which you have to go to where your zip file is saved.

4. After this you have to click on your zip file to unzip it.

5. By clicking on File, a menu will open in front of you, in which you have to click on Extract to ./<Archive name>/.

6. Then your zip file will start unzipping and after completion of the process your zip file will be extracted from the folder. By opening that folder, you will get those files that were saved in the zip file.

In this way using ZArchiver you can open the zip files on any phone.

Why use Zip File

Zip files are used because their size is less than other file types. Due to its small size, any file can be compressed in zip and uploaded easily on the internet or by email.

The second reason is that if you download a file whose size is actually very high but is compressed in a zip file, then it consumes less internet and you get the original file in less size.

Advantages of Zip File

  • The biggest advantage of Zip files is that compressing files in a zip reduces the size of files due to which they can be easily stored, uploaded, or transferred.

  • If too many files and data have accumulated in your phone that you do not want to delete, then you can compress that data into a zip file. With this, that data will be converted into a zip file and its size will also be reduced so that you can easily store it on your mobile.

  • If you have large files which are important for you but that you use occasionally, then you can also store them by compressing them in zip files.

  • Password can also be applied in a Zip file. If you want to store any confidential thing in a zip file or want to store something that no one else can see, then for this you can protect it by putting the password in the zip file.

Disadvantages of Zip File

The only disadvantage of a Zip file is that sometimes the file is not fully extracted from it i.e. if there are many files in your zip file then it is possible that while extracting some of them may be damaged or all of them may be damaged. Or else be saved. Although this does not happen mostly, but it can happen in large-size files.


Here in this post, you can check the steps to unzip a file on mobile, so if you also want to open the zip file then you can follow the steps given above.

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