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Monday, November 7, 2022

how to make stickers on whatsapp android

 Hello Readers

                     Today's post is all about how to make stickers on WhatsApp.

you must know that a new update on Whatsapp has come. You have been given the option of a Sticker. Meaning that you can now use the new feature in WhatsApp.

With the help of which you can send Stickers. And together you can create your own Whatsapp stickers and send them on WhatsApp. So today in this post we will know what is Whatsapp Sticker? And how to make your own stickers in Whatsapp Sticker?

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What is Whatsapp Sticker?

If you use Whatsapp, then some sticker must have come in front of you. Somebody must have sent you a sticker at some point or the other because in this new update of WhatsApp, now you can send stickers along with emojis.

For example, if you have used Hike Messenger, then you must know that we can send Stickers in it. A sticker is only one kind of image. But the back part in the sticker is removed.

You can convert any of your photos into WhatsApp stickers and for this, you will not have to do much, many people like to send stickers on Whatsapp and they want to use more and more stickers in their chats, but as you must know that you do not get more stickers in WhatsApp.

And there are such stickers that are very simple and which do not even look good but if you want to add new stickers to WhatsApp, then you can do this, there are many Sticker Apps on the internet in which you will get Friendship, Love, Funny, etc. types of Whatsapp stickers are available

And you can also create your own WhatsApp sticker and for this, you will not have to do much, nor do you need to know the programming language for this, WhatsApp gives the option to add stickers to your messaging app.

Because not all people like the same type of simple stickers, when someone wants to chat with their friend with stickers, then they should also be such that your friend can understand your point and also gets to know about your feeling.

So here I will tell you about making a Whatsapp sticker from your photo, along with it I will also tell you how you can add stickers to WhatsApp from any other app and both these methods are very simple.

how to make stickers in WhatsApp

If you want a new Whatsapp sticker but you do not want to make it yourself and want to download the already-made sticker, then you can do it as I told that there are many apps available on the internet that will help you to love, friendship, funny, Tamil Provides all types of stickers like Bollywood, cartoon, etc.

You can send them while chatting with your friends, that is, you can send them while chatting with your friend and I am going to tell you about one of those amazing apps. The amazing thing about this app is this.

In this, you get many trending stickers like popular memes, funny emojis, Bollywood movies, tv shows, pubg, okay, friends, cartoons, etc. Also, you can download the status from this app for almost all people on your WhatsApp messenger. 

And in this app, you get many statuses that you can share with your friends, and with this, you can also create your own WhatsApp sticker, the name of this app is sticker.ly which now has more than 10 million people. Have downloaded and its rating is 4.7, if you also want to download stickers on WhatsApp, then follow the steps mentioned below

  • First of all, you have to download the sticker.ly app from the google play store on your mobile or you can also download it directly from here

  • After downloading and installing this app on your phone, open it, then it will take permission from you to access the media of your mobile and give permission by clicking on allow

  • Then here you will see many categories of stickers and next to all of them you will see the option of add, click on it

  • As soon as you click on add, that sticker will start downloading and covert, then if you have installed two WhatsApp messengers on your mobile ie one WhatsApp and one WhatsApp business then you will be asked to select on which WhatsApp you want that sticker. Click on the icon of any Whatsapp you want to add that sticker to.

  • Then you have to click on add option once more

  • In this way your sticker will be downloaded and added to Whatsapp, if you want, you can also create a WhatsApp sticker from your photo from this app, for this you have to click on the profile icon and by clicking on the new pack, the pack name, creator, both these options.

  • In the pack name, you can put the name with which your sticker is related and in the creator, you can put your name and click on create option, and then you can create a sticker from your photo.

how to make your own stickers on WhatsApp

First of all, you have to edit the photo whose WhatsApp sticker you want to make, that is, the background of the photo has to be transparent and it needs to be in png format, for this you can use any background changer app, although there are many apps for this. But the one that is the best is the background eraser.

After erasing the background you can add this sticker to WhatsApp with the help of following the upper steps.


Here in this post, we discuss how to make stickers on WhatsApp without the app so if you want to know about it then you can read this article. 

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