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Saturday, October 1, 2022

How Much is washing machine motherboard repair cost in India

Hello  Readers

                   Today's information is about the washing machine motherboard repair cost in India.


What is PCB?

Before you see our cost list let me tell you about PCB.

A printed circuit board is a thin plate on which conductive paths are printed to connect various components, such as transistors, resistors and integrated circuits, PCBs are often associated with computer systems, but also with other electronic devices such as televisions, tablets, digital Also used in cameras and cell phones. PCBs are more expensive to design but allow automated manufacturing and assembly of the product, the final product is then quicker to manufacture and tends to be more reliable and cheaper.

PCB stands for Printed Circuit Board, it is an electrical circuit in the form of a thin board made of a non-conductive material that completely holds the copper circuitry such as fiberglass, plastic, composite epoxy, etc. It has conductive paths printed on it to connect, such as resistors, transistors, integrated circuits, etc. It provides mechanical support and a path for current to flow to its electronic components.

PCBs are used in all electronic and computing devices such as televisions, digital cameras, tablets, cell phones, etc., including motherboards, network cards, graphics cards, and the internal circulation boards of hard drives.

There are two services available in the market :

1.) Offline: In this service, you can go to any service center and local repair shop.

2.) online: in the Online service, you have to go to any authorized website and register your complaint.

washing machine motherboard repair cost

Let's check out the list:

Company Name Cost
whirlpool washing machine PCB Repair cost 1800 to 2300
Samsung washing machine motherboard repair cost 1500 to 2000


Here we add two washing machine motherboard repair cost to give you an average estimate price.

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