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Tuesday, October 18, 2022

how to increase processor speed in laptop

Hello Readers 

                  Today's post is all about how to increase the speed of a laptop with windows 10.

Here we have also told you how to clean your laptop to make it faster.

Friends, whenever we bring a new computer or laptop home, we work on it for a few months, then we see that its speed is no longer the same as before, it can be due to many reasons like-

  • filling up your computer's disk space.
  • Virus infection in computer or laptop.
  • Creation of too many temporary files in the computer.
  • using heavy applications on the computer.
  • gaming on the computer etc.

However, the methods described by us here are not necessary to prove effective for all the reasons due to which the speed of the computer or laptop can be slow.

For example, if you do programming, software development or gaming, etc., then you would be advised to buy a high-end computer or laptop which has a high configuration.

If your computer or laptop has slowed down over time even after using it normally, then you can increase the speed of your computer and laptop by using the methods described on it.

how to increase the speed of the laptop

1. Update Windows from time to time

Friends, if you want to improve the experience of using your computer or laptop, then it is very important to have Genuine Windows which means that your computer should not have pirated Windows.

Whenever any new update comes to Windows from time to time, it should be updated immediately, due to this, the speed of your computer increases, as well as the old applications and drivers lying in the computer, are also updated.

2. Close Startup Applications and Unused Services

Friends, it is often seen that whenever you turn on or start your computer or laptop, it takes a lot of time to start, this may be due to the reason that the startup process is running in high amounts on your computer. Which starts loading when the computer is turned on.

To close Startup Processes, you have to go to your Task Manager and close all startup processes in the startup bar.

Run->type-TaskMgr->Startup->Disable all unused processes

Apart from this, you will also know that many services continue to run in the background of the computer, which uses a lot of memory and disk space, which is very important to stop.

Run->type-TaskMgr->Services->Disable all unused services

3. Use Antivirus in Computer

Friends, over time and with the use of the Internet or External Flash Drive, many times there is a risk of a virus coming into our computer, this virus not only slows down the speed of our computer but can also steal the necessary data from our computer and our Files can also be damaged.

By using a Genuine Antivirus which is available with the license, you can avoid any type of virus and can also increase the speed of your computer.

4. Increase RAM in the Computer

If you are searching for how to increase the processor speed in a laptop then you know that RAM is used to use multiple processes in the computer simultaneously, by using this you can use it in your computer without slowing down the computer. Can use multiple applications simultaneously.

RAM in computers can be increased by

  • Physical RAM
  • Virtual RAM

In Physical RAM, you have to buy RAM from the market or online and install it on your computer or laptop, which can increase the speed of your computer.

Also, instead of new RAM, you can also speed up your computer by increasing the Virtual RAM of your computer, for this you can follow the steps given below-

  • Right-click on My PC on your computer and go to Computer Properties.
  • There is the Advance tab click on Performance.
  • Now by going to the Advanced tab again, you will get the option of virtual memory below, which can be increased by changing it.

My PC->Property->Advance->Performance->Advanced->Virtual Memory

5. Disk Cleanup and Defragmentation

Through Disk Cleanup, whatever temporary data in our hard disk, which is not of our use, is cleaned, as well as the data on the disk is organized through Defragmentation, so that the computer can easily identify the data blocks and reach you. can be delivered.

The performance of your computer remains good by doing regular procedures, to do this you can follow these steps-

Any Drive->Right Click->Property-> Tools-> Optimize and Defragment Drive

Let us tell you that you can increase the performance of your computer by all the methods mentioned above, but if all this does not work, then we would like to give bonus tips for you, which we have tried ourselves and seen the computer speed more than 10 times more. Increment has happened.

6. Change from HDD to SSD

it is another tip for how to increase processor speed in a laptop, you can change the computer's HDD hard disk to SSD (Solid State Drive), I am getting very good performance, if you are not sure, then you should also try this and see me for this reason to do any kind of optimization in one computer. The need is not felt.

SSD is also a storage device commonly used for data storage that uses integrated circuit assembly for data storage. Generally, it can be thought of as a flash drive but it can have disks, etc. like a normal HDD. There is no processing and it provides many times more performance than a normal HDD.

7. delete temporary files

Friends, when you do any work on our computer and run any software, then temporary files are generated in the hard disk which contains a folder of temporary files, we should keep deleting it from time to time to delete these files. Due to this the speed of the computer becomes faster. Temporary files hard take up a lot of space in it. Due to this, the speed of the computer decreases and it starts working slowly, so from time to time we should keep cleaning the hard disk.

8. Clean C Drive

Always keep the C drive of your computer free, and do not store any unnecessary data in it. To clean the C drive, we have to follow some easy steps for you.

  • First of all right click on C drive and go to Properties.
  • Now click on General Tap and click on Desk Cleanup.
  • Now after some time processing, all-time files will be shown in front of you, and click on OK.


Here we add some tips to increase laptop speed if you are also facing this kind of problem then you can check our list of solutions.

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