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Sunday, October 16, 2022

how to increase jio internet speed in android

Hello readers

                 If you guys are searching for how to boost JIO internet speed.

Although there are many tips that can help you increase jio internet speed on android but let us tell you about some of them which are useful, then you can check these tips once.

By the way, let us tell you that there is no exact way to increase the speed of the Internet because unless the company puts up a tower in your vicinity, it is a bit difficult to get the right support from the net.

 how to boost jio internet speed

In this way, you cannot do much to increase Internet Speed ​​in Jio because Internet Speed ​​is controlled by the Operator itself and the maximum limit of Internet Speed ​​is set by them.

But if the speed of the Internet in your Jio Phone is less than the given speed, then you can fix it by doing some of the below-mentioned uses.

   1. By Jio Sim Slot Setup

First of all, you have to see on your mobile phone in which slot JIO Sim is installed in your phone.

If JIO's Sim is installed in Slot 2, then immediately change it and put it in Slot 1 and if it is in Slot 1, then let it remain the same.

Because Internet Speed ​​​​is good in Sim Slot 1 in many mobiles and the network is also very strong.

  2. jio apn settings for fast internet

If the internet is not running properly in your phone or the speed of JIO Net is coming down, then it may be that there is a problem in the APN settings,

To fix this, you can restore APN Settings.

Otherwise, you can also get the experience of Fast Jio Internet by saving the settings mentioned below.

jio apn settings for fast internet
jio apn settings for fast internet

   3. Using Set Bearer / jio speed increase code

To set Bearer, first, you open the call and dial it in *#*#4636*#*#,

Now some settings will come in front of you. Here you have to click on the setting with Phone Information.

Now you go down and select LTE Only instead of GSM. After this, you exit by clicking on the Home Button.

You should not tamper with any other setting, otherwise, there may be a serious problem with your phone.

4. Keep Data Roaming On

Many people never pay attention to whether Data Roaming is on or off in their phone, but if you want good speed on the internet then you need to take care of it, it increases the speed of the internet on your phone to a great extent. For this, you have to go to your phone settings and go to network settings and after that, you have to turn on Data Roaming.

5. From Clean Space

You must always keep at least 5% free space in your phone because it is very important to have extra space to perform the mobile properly.

If the space in your phone will not be free, then the RAM of the phone will also not be empty.

Due to this the performance of the Internet also decreases.

If your phone is unable to manage High Internet Speed ​​and you start experiencing Slow Internet Speed.

important things for how to increase jio internet speed in android

  • Always restart the phone after 1 or 2 days. So that your phone keeps refreshing. And you keep getting better performance.

  • Always do Clear Cache and Clear Cookies in the phone after 5 or 6 days. Because when you use Online Web Apps, some of their data gets stored in your phone.

  • So that Phone Slow starts working. Which affects your mobile's Internet.

  • Always keep the required apps in the phone so that only the required Internet resource is not shared with more apps.

  • Always close background apps so that your internet data cannot use background apps and your internet will respond fast.

how to increase jio signal inside the house

Most people are using Jio's network today, and many people are using its free service but are very upset with its network, so how can you increase Jio's network, follow the information given below and use the methods. Do:

  • Clear Cache Or Delete Unused Data

Internal memory is given very little in many phones and when our internal memory becomes full, then automatically the network of our mobile becomes slow, then for this, you should free the memory so that you can increase the Jio network.

  • Close Background Data

By keeping background data on, all the processes of our mobile keep running so that our network becomes slow, for this you should keep the background data of your mobile off.

  • Use Slot 1

If you have put your Jio's Sim in Slot 2, then you can use it in Slot 1, you can increase the network of your Jio, putting SIM in Slot 1 also makes a difference on the network, you can try this and see .


Here we add some tips and tricks to increase jio internet speed in android so that you guys can try these tips once to increase net speed.

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