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Wednesday, October 19, 2022

5 Best hacking apps for android

Hello readers 

                  Today's post is all about the best hacking apps for android in India.

You must remember that hacking is not legal, so you can only use these apps for yourself.

Friends, as you know, in today's time Android is a very big operating system platform, so if you want to hack on this platform, then you will need some applications which will help you in hacking but friends, all you need. You will not find the application on the Google Play Store.

So let me tell you about those Android hacking applications that you can use. All these applications come under ethical status, which means its use is legal.

hacking apps for android
hacking apps for android

best hacking apps for android

Now let's start our list:

#1. Hackode-Penetration Tester

if you guys are searching for the best hacking apps for android then you can try Hackode. This app is a famous Android hacking application that is available for free in the Google Play Store, it is a type of toolbox that is used for penetration testing, and many cyber security professionals use it for many tasks such as reconnaissance and scanning, Inside this application you will find many tools like google hacking, google dorks, whois, ping etc which you can use in hacking and the interface of this application is also very easy to understand, this application is now on play store. Till 300000 to 500000 people have installed.

#2. SSHdroid-Short for Secure Shell

SSHdroid is a popular Android application that is available for free on the Google Play Store. SSHdroid is an SHH server that works on Android devices, through which you can connect your Android device to your computer and operate your Android device from that computer, Windows users can access their device using FTP protocol. can operate by. Through this application, you can perform more tasks like WiFi control, shared-key authentication. Till now this application has been installed 1000000.

#3. Shark for Root-Traffic Sniffer

This is also an Android ethical hacking app which is available for free on Google Play Store and so far 200000 to 400000 people have installed this application. It is a traffic sniffer application which works on 3G and wifi network. It is used frequently This application is used to open dump root, this application gives you easy-to-use tools and its interface is also very attractive, the size of this application is also very less and it will be easily downloaded and installed in your mobile.

#4. Kill WiFi – Hack WiFi

WiFi kill is an open source application that is available on the Google Play Store, you can stop the WiFi service of others with the help of this application, this application gives you easy tools that you can use, with the help of this application You can also stop WiFi during any time. So far 500000 people have used this application.

#5. mMapper-Network Analysis

mMapper This application is an unofficial port of nMap. It is a port and network scanner that works on wifi and cell connections. It gives you a pictorial view of the network structure which you can use for network analysis. This application supports from Gingerbread to Jellybean of Android. So far it has been used by about 1000 people.


Here we have added some of the best hacking apps for android for you so that you can check their information and download it.

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