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Monday, October 17, 2022

best engine oil for suzuki access 125

Hello Readers


                 Today's post is all about the best engine oil for Suzuki access 125. 

Well, you should note which oil is recommended by the manufacturer as that oil is best for your vehicle.

Engine oil in Suzuki Access 125 should be used only after driving 500 km to 750 km.

By the way, there are many brands in the market whose engine oil you can use in your scooter like:

  • Motul
  • Castrol


Now without wasting time let's take a look at the list.

best engine oil for Suzuki Access 125

1.) Motul Scooter Engine Oil

Motul Scooter Engine Oil
Motul Scooter Engine Oil

We have started our list with a company whose name you must have heard or must have seen the bottle of oil of that brand in your mechanic shop and that company is Motul.

The products of this company are said to be the best for bikes, so if you are looking for the best engine oil for the Suzuki access 125, you can choose this product, this product will meet all your needs.

1.) This engine oil can be used on all the company's scooters from Honda Activa, and Access.

2.) This product can be a good choice for heating problems.


  • The mileage is good.
  • good for the long run.
  • it is good for all 4-stroke scooters.

2.) Shell Advance AX5

Shell Advance AX5
Shell Advance AX5 

Now let's come to our second choice which is Shell Advance AX5. This product will also give you almost the same performance.

But this product is a bit pricey so we have given it the second spot on our list but this product has some quality which justifies its price.

1.) This product comes with 33% engine cleanliness and 43% longer oxidation stability.

2.)This Product Truly Reduces Noise form your vehicle.


  • you can use it with any Honda, TVS, Suzuki, or Mahindra scooter.
  • It comes with API SL and JASO MB, especially for scooters.


Here we just add the two best engine oil for the Suzuki Access 125 but we are still searching for more so keep visiting our blog.

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