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Saturday, October 15, 2022

best engine oil for passion pro

 Hello Readers  

                  Today's article is all about the best engine oil for passion pro.

So if you guys are looking for Passion Pro bike engine oil then you can check our list but before you select engine oil from our list, first you should know about these important components.

1.) 2 T engine oil

This 2t engine oil is used when mixed with the fuel and later this fuel is exhausted as vapor.

2T engine oil has a much lower flash point and viscosity level than 4T engine oil

2.) 4T engine oil

4T engine oil is not mixed with the fuel but added separately which goes directly to the engine crankcase.

Both the flash point and viscosity level of 4T engine oil are very high, so so you should consider 4T engine oil.

Note: first you check if your bike has 2 stroke engine or 4 stroke if 2 stroke engine then you should take 2t engine oil and if 4 stroke then take 4t engine oil (By the way bikes comes with 4 stroks eingen).

There are three types of engine oils (motor oil, semi-synthetic oil, and synthetic oil) available in the market, out of which synthetic engine oil is the best.

3.) Engine Grade

Engine oil also comes here in several grades like 10W-30 or 20W-40 and here W tells you about the temperature, how much this engine oil will be diluted in summer, and how much in winter.

Note: You need thinner oil in cold places and thicker oils in hot places.

10W-40 and 10W-30 can be good choices for Indian bikers so we add some engine oil for you. So without wasting time let's see the list now.

best engine oil for passion pro

1.) Shell Advance Ultra 4T 10W-40

Shell Advance Ultra 4T
Shell Advance Ultra 4T

The Shell Advance Ultra 4T is our first choice, although we wanted to give the Motul 7100 4T first place, but we kept it because of its slightly higher price tag.

But Shell Advance Ultra 4T can also give very good performance to your bike and this oil also has many benefits:

1.) You can also use this oil in Hinda Shine and other bikes.

2.) it would also reduce the noise from the engine.

3.) Shell Advance Ultra 4T doesn't affect on engine performance like heating issues, noise, etc.

4.) You can use this oil for pulsar 200, Pulsar 220, Avengers 220 DTSI, and many more.

Note: Be aware of fake products.

2.) Motul 7100 4T

Motul is a particularly famous company in the bike market, so if the name of this company is not added to our list then it cannot happen.

Motul 7100 4T
Motul 7100 4T

  • This mango oil gives you excellent performance.
  • Increases the millage (1 to 2%) which is very high.
  • it is also safe for catalytic converters.
  • you can use this engine oil for other bikes like R15 V2, Karizma, Duke 390, and more (Not used for bajaj avenger 220 cc?). 
  • It could be a good choice for a long ride like (1000km).

3.) Castrol POWER1 10W-30 4T

There is another eingen oil which you can prefer to use on your bike this oil is very good to reduce friction and save power.

Castrol POWER1 10W-30 4T also helps to increase acceleration and power.

  • it also reduces the noise of the engine but not like the upper one.
  • overheating problems can occur sometimes.
  • In cold weather, the bike may have some trouble starting, so in cold weather, you can use the 10-40w grade eingen oil.


Here we add 3 of the best engine oil for passion pro but we are still searching for more so keep visiting our blog.


Q.1: passion pro bike engine oil capacity?

Ans: 0.95-litres.

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