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Sunday, September 11, 2022

How much it cost to repair laptop hinge in India

 Hellow Readers 

                 Today we are going to tell about the cost of laptop hinge repair, broken hinges are a common problem, nowadays most laptop users are facing this kind of problem but still if you do not know about it then let us know. what are hinges in a laptop?

What is a hinge?

A hinge is a mechanical joint that ties the screen and other parts of your laptop together. But if for some reason the hinge of the laptop breaks, it can also damage your screen.

Reason for laptop hinge broken 

Sometimes you and someone else drop your laptop so the hinge of the laptop can get affected or physical fatigue can also be a cause of broken hinges.

So to secure your laptop screen, you have to fix the hinge of your laptop if it is broken.

That's why we are adding a list of company-wise laptop hinge repair cost in India but its cost may vary from laptop to laptop.

Let's Start 

laptop hinge repair cost

Company Name Cost
hp laptop hinge repair cost in India 2300 to 2500 (HP service center)
dell laptop hinge repair cost 850 to 900 rupees (Depends on the parts availability)
laptop hinge repair cost Lenovo 1000 to 2000
acer laptop hinge repair cost 800 to 1000

You should also know that if your laptop case is also damaged then you have to change your laptop case for securing your laptop from humidity.


We are adding a list of Laptop Hinge Repair Cost in India you can check it and get an estimate of the repair cost

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