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Thursday, September 29, 2022

how to record call on Iphone without app in India

Hello Readers

                 Today's post is all about how to record calls on an iphone without an app in india we also add some best free call recorder apps for iPhones so check out that list.

 In this article we will know how to record call on Apple iPhone? In today's time, many people like to use Apple's device. There are phones, on the one hand, where its great features impress people a lot, on the other hand many people have problems in recording voice here.

In view of security and privacy in Apple iPhone, Voice call recording feature is not available inbuilt, so some people need to record incoming call or outgoing call but since iPhone does not have call recording option. Often Apple users have a problem related to this, but you do not need to worry about it, if you want to record a call on iPhone, then you read the information given here.

how to record calls on an iphone without app

If you are an iPhone user, then you must know that there is no option related to call recording in this phone, the question arises in the minds of many people that why Apple does not give the option of call recording, then tell us for your information. Apple is a US based company and in view of the privacy of the users, the feature of voice call record has not been provided in the iPhone, but still, if you need to record a voice call for some important reason, then you can follow the tips given here.

If you have an Apple iPhone and you want to record a voice call without any external app, then for this you need a separate device, in which you can record the call by turning on the speaker when the call comes. For this you need a device mobile, laptop or other recording device.

• First of all keep the recorder active on any of your devices like laptop, computer or other mobile

• Now you call in your mobile

• After the call is connected, turn on the loudspeaker of the mobile

• Now talk on the call using the phone near the device

• Save the recording when the call is over

• This way you can record calls through other devices.

How to record call with Google Voice?

If you want to record a voice call on your iPhone, then you can also use Google voice, using this you can very easily make call record possible from your Apple mobile but you can only with the help of Google voice. Can record incoming calls only.

If you want to know how to record voice call using Google Voice then follow the information given here

Step 1. First of all install Google Voice on your iPhone

Step 2. Login to this app through Google Account

Step 3. After signing in, open the app and go to the search option

Step 4. Now select the number you want to call

Step 5. Confirm the number and click on the option of Next

Step 6. Now enter your mobile number

Step 7. After this an OTP or verification code will come on your iPhone number

Step 8. After confirming the number, your Google Voice account will be completed

Follow these steps to record a call in Iphone

  • Open Google Voice website with the help of browser
  • Click on the gear option given in the top right side and tap on the setting option
  • Click on Call option inside Menu
  • Enable incoming call option by scrolling down

To record the call when you have a call, you have to press 4 When you record the call of a person, he will get the notification of call recording.

After the end of the call, the voice call recorded by you will be received in the voice mailbox. Through this you can record as much as you want, apart from this you can record both incoming and outgoing calls.

Special Features:

• Here you get more than one sharing option

• This is an ad free app

• Here you can record voice calls in high quality.

best call recording app for iphone

1. TapeACall Pro

This is an app that provides the option to record calls on the iPhone, using its free version, you can record voice calls up to 60 seconds. Through this app you can record both incoming and outgoing calls.

Special Features:

• With the help of this app, you can make unlimited calls

• Here you can also share the recorded call

• Labels can also be attached to the recording

• Can convert recorded voice calls to mp3.

2.) Call Recorder iCall

With the help of this app, you can also record voice calls on your apple iphone mobile, here you can use this app for free for 3 days as a free trial. If you like it, you can go with its pad version.

Special Features:

• This app is very easy to use

• It is very flexible when making calls

• There is no call recording duration

• It also supports international calls.


With this information now you must have understood how to record calls on an iphone without the app? Here we have told you about both the free and pad version which you can use but you should take care that you do not misuse it by using these apps and do not record the call without any consent.

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