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Friday, September 9, 2022

how much ECM repair cost in India

Hellow Readers 

                   Today we are going to tell you about ECM repair cost in India so let's start.

what is ECM in a car


Ecm whose full name is (Engine Control Module) is installed in all cars and Engine Control Module is very important for the vehicle.

Because the car starts only because of the Engine Control Module, if the Engine Control Module is not in the car, then the car does not start because the Ecm controls all the sensors installed in the car.

Engine Control Module (Ecm) works just like our brain, as whatever we do, our brain stores that work.

Due to this, we can do that work efficiently, similarly, all the sensors installed in the engine send the signal to Ecm, and Engine Control Module stores that signal.

And helps in starting the car and in doing the right thing of all things, so Ecm is just like our brain

If the Ecm of your car goes bad then any sensor installed in the engine or car will not work, the Ecm also takes the signal from all the sensors and sends the signal to the sensor.

Apart from this, if any sensor of your car's engine gets damaged, it gives you a signal by turning on the Check Engine Light in the Ecm meter.

Now you know the importance of ECM in the car, so now you also know its repairing cost.

There are two options for your ECM 

1.) Replace Your ECM if ECM is damaged physically.

2.) Otherwise go to a mechanic and get it fixed.

Here you check an estimate of ECM repairing cost in India according to your cars.

ECM repair cost in India

Car Name Cost
Hyundai i20 ECM repair cost 6000 to7000
Hyundai i20 ECM repair cost 4000 to 6000
ford Figo ECM repair 10000 to 13000

Here we only added two cars because our mechanic only fixed two types of car ECM so I am sure about these.

But if you guys have a common car like swift desire, wagon r, and others then it could cost you the same.

But if you guys have a BMW or Mercedes then you have to contact customer service and ask for the price.

Now here you can also check the ECM price for your cars.

Car Name Price
maruti suzuki ecm price 15000
maruti alto ecm price 8000 (Petrol Maruti)
ford Figo ECM price 42000
wagon r ECM price 5000 - 10000
Verna ECM price 15000 - 18000


Here we have tried to add all types of ECM repair cost and individual car ECM prices in India but we are searching for more details.

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