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Saturday, September 24, 2022

best Motorola phone under 15000 to 20000

 Hello Readers 


                     Today's post is about the best Motorola phone under 20000 with all specifications.

I believe everyone knows about the Motorola company for its tech products and mobile phone is one of them.

Motorola has launched budget-friendly mobile phones in India, which you can take a look at.

If you guys are looking for the best gaming phone under 20000, then you can choose some Motorola phones.

But before you buy any mobile then you should check our buying guide for it.

Buying Guide for Motorola phone

Check the Components Before You Buy a Mobile:


The display is so important if you are buying this mobile for gaming purposes otherwise you can compromise on it.

You should also check the display type (like  AMOLED, OLED, TFT LCD, Super AMOLED, or more types)


If you want to increase the performance of your mobile then you should check RAM and ROM.


A mobile processor is also an important aspect of your mobile performance, so you should look for the latest version of it.

Battery backup

Check the battery backup for your mobile and check how long it lasts on a single charge.

Service Center

You should check on the net whether there is any Motorola service center in your area.

Processor Comparison

  • CPU Performance

Snapdragon 750G : 43%

Snapdragon 732G : 40%

Helio G85 : 26%

  • Gaming Performance

Snapdragon 750G : 33%

Snapdragon 732G : 32%

Helio G85 : 20%

After confirming these components you should check out our list:

best Motorola phone under 20000

Let's start

1.) Motorola Moto G Frosted

Motorola Moto G Frosted
Motorola Moto G Frosted

If you guys are looking for a mobile in which you can run some high-performing games then this can be the best option because you can also run emulator games on this mobile (like GTA and more).

This mobile comes with some good specifications:

1.) Motorola Moto G Frosted comes with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB storage which is enough but you can extend RAM to 1 TB.

2.) It is a 5G supported mobile.

3.) It comes with  (6.67 inches) Full HD with a 20-watt fast charger.

4.) It comes with the latest version of the Snapdragon 750G Processor.

5.) Its camera specification are 48MP + 8MP + 2MP | 16MP Front Camera.


  • You can play PUBG and call of duty easily.
  • Its battery backup is good (It could run up to 19 hours if you use some small apps but if you play pubg continuously for 7 to 8 hours then it couldn't last long).
  • The camera quality is so good 


  • The screen quality is average.
  • Too heavy.
  • It has a 5000mah battery.
  • Spekers quality is avrage.


This one is another mobile under the Frosted series which comes with so many features at a budget-friendly price. 

Due to the drop in the price, you have to compromise on some components like it comes with 4G network support (Which could be a drawback in the future)

But still, apart from that, it has other good specifications:

1.) It comes with 6 GB RAM | 128 GB ROM like Motorola Moto G Frosted.

2.) it comes with a 6000 mAh Battery which is a little higher than Motorola Moto G Frosted.

3.) it's Processor is Snapdragon 732G which is good enough for games.

4.) Camera quality:-

Rare : 108MP + 8MP + 2MP (Function camera cowms with ultra wide sensore) 

Front: 32MP Front Camera.

5.) It comes with Gesture Navigation and has 3-button navigation.


  • The display is soo smooth.
  • battery life is good (Run up to 18 hours (Depending on apps)).
  •  you can notify if someone is recording your call.


  • Spekers quality is not that good.
  • The phone is a little heavy and the screen is too big.
  • little hang problem.
  • The camera quality is not that good.
  • Back fingerprint sensor but in today's time screen sensor is more preferred.
  • we can't operate as remote for tv/ac.
  • Not waterproof.

best Motorola phone under 15000

From here all phones come under 15000 which is quite budget friendly according to the Indian market.

1.) MOTOROLA g31

This Motorola mobile phone comes under 13000 rupees which is affordable for 25k to 30k salary employees.

You don't need to understand that the price being the price will have any effect on its performance but the camera quality can be a bit of an impact.

  • Mobile Specification

1.) it comes with 4 GB RAM | 64 GB ROM which is extendable to 1TB.

2.) As we say camera quality will be compromised so as you can see camera specification (50MP + 8MP + 2MP | 13MP Front Camera).

3.) It has a 5000MAH battery.

4.) MOTOROLA g31 comes with Mediatek Helio G85 Processor.

5.) It comes with a (6.4) AMOLED FHD screen which is quite surprising because if you notice Frosted series doesn't come with an AMOLED screen.

6.) It has a refresh rate of 90hrz

Pros: -

  • apps lagging issue is fixed.
  • It has OTG support.
  • Auto call recording available.
  • it has gorilla glass protection.
  • it supports carrier aggregation.


  • A dedicated slot for a Micro SD card is not available.
  • it didn't have any exchange offer on the internet.
  • Slow charging issue.
  • it doesn't support NFC.
  • the phone is a little SLOW.
  • Heating problem (a common problem).


Here we add the 2 best Motorola phones under 20000 and 1 best Motorola phone under 15000 but we are still finding some more so keep visiting for new updates.

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