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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

How Much AC PCB repair cost in India

 Hellow Readers

                      Today's article is about the ac PCB repair cost in India and you can check the estimated price for it.

What is a PCB?

A printed circuit board is an electronic circuit that is mostly used in electronic equipment. This provides a way for mechanical support and electronic components.

It is made of non-conductive material like- fiberglass and made by mixing different layers of plastic which can be easily soldered to copper circuits.

PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is also known as Printed Wiring Board or Entangled Wiring Board.

This component is the most important part of your ac because without it you can't use your ac temp and other function because the circuit can't communicate with another component properly if you are facing these kinds of problems then you have to fix your ac PCB.

Available Services

Look, the services of AC company are very good as long as yours is under a warranty after that you may have to go to the service center or other mechanics.

But now online service is also available in the market, through which you can get your one fixed.

Now comes the main point ac PCB repair cost Well we have put together a list to help you estimate your price.

AC PCB repair cost in India

Company Name Cost
voltas ac PCB repair cost 2000
Daikin inverter repair Cost PCB 3000 to 5000

On the other hand, you can say 3000 to 5000 is a perfect estimate value for AC PCB repair costs in India.


We have added some AC PCB Repair Prices to help you estimate your AC cost.

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