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Wednesday, August 31, 2022

iPhone battery replacement cost in India

 hello Readers 

                  Today's post is about iPhone battery replacement cost in India and its cost will vary by iPhone model.

If you go to an apple service center you should know about the estimated cost of battery replacement so that you can negotiate with that shopkeeper. Otherwise, that shopkeeper can tell you the price of anything. So having a little knowledge about the price can be beneficial for you.

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Why should I replace the iPhone battery?

If you notice that your iPhone is getting hot and the battery backup is depleting day by day, then you should definitely think about replacing the iPhone battery. Battery replacement can improve the working of your mobile.

Service selection

There are two types of repairing services available first is offline and the second is online.

In an online service, an employee replaces your battery at your home in front of you.

But in offline service, you have to leave your mobile with the shopkeeper for a few hours or a few days, so if you are doing offline service, then you people should show your phone at a reputed service center only.

Here in this post we have written about all the iPhone models and their battery replacement cost so let's check it out:

iphone battery replacement cost in India

iphone 4s battery replacement cost India

You can replace your Iphone 4 mobile battery at approx 1500INR. If GO with the online method then you can get 6 month warranty also.

iphone 7 battery replacement cost

Iphone 7 battery replacement cost in India will be Rs. 1700 to 2000 which is quite affordable.

You can also check out the price of the Iphone battery on amazon.

iphone 8 battery replacement cost India

You can see that battery replacement prices are increasing as we move towards the latest model of Apple.

So iPhone 8 Battery Replacement cost will vary from 2300 to 2400 or iPhone 8 Plus Battery replacement cost can vary from 2500 INR to 9000 INR.

iphone 11 battery Replacement Cost

This Model was released on 2019 Sep so it's not an old version that's why its battery price will be high which will be between 4000 to 7000.

iphone x battery replacement cost in India

If the battery of your iPhone X is damaged then it can cost you dearly because the iPhone X battery replacement costs can range from 9000 INR to 12000 INR.


We add all information about the iphone battery replacement cost India it could be help full for you if you damage your iPhone battery.

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