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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

how to unlock bootloader Samsung without pc

 Follow these simple steps if you want to know how to unlock bootloader Samsung without pc. Are you looking to unlock Bootloader without using a computer? If so, the tutorial below will help you unlock the Bootloader without a computer.

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This guide will help you unlock the Bootloader of Redmi. OnePlus. Sony. Huawei. Poco f1. Realme. Moto. Xiaomi. Mi. Zuk. Samsung. LG. Vivo. Oppo. Nokia. Honor. Google Nexus. Google Pixel. This article will help you solve the Bootloader unlock problem.

To ensure that users only use their specific Android OS version, manufacturers lock and encrypt Bootloader. The manufacturer of the device will decide whether or not you can unlock the Bootloader.

The manufacturer can unlock Google Nexus and Pixel phones. Devices like HTC, Motorola, and phones, as well as many other brands, have the ability to unlock their Bootloader. Some devices cannot unlock their Bootloader, however.

For example, Samsung Snapdragon U.S. models. Any user who wants to root their device or install a custom recovery such as CWM/TWRP or flash custom ROMs must unlock the Bootloader.

Before proceeding with the bootloader unlocking process, it is strongly recommended that you back up all your data. After unlocking the Bootloader, all data will be deleted.

This guide will help you connect your Android device to a computer or USB port. This tutorial will show you how to unlock the Bootloader on Android smartphones and tablets without using a computer.

How to Unlock the Bootloader on Android without a PC This guide will make use of Flashify and Kingoroot apps to gain root access, and then install TWRP recovery. Let's jump right into it.


The Bootloader unlocks process can void your phone warranty. You are responsible for your actions. You must follow the steps without making any mistakes. Droid Thunder is not responsible for any damage to your device that may result from this guide.

Requirements for unlocking bootloader Samsung 

  • You can avoid interruptions by charging your Android phone at a minimum of 50%

  • You should also back up your contact information, apps, messages, and call logs. For your safety.

how to unlock bootloader Samsung without pc


  • Kingo Root app
  • Flashify app

  • Install the Kingo Root app for Android.
  • Start the application.
  • Click on the One Click Root option.
  • This will start the rooting process.
  • Rooting will take only a few moments.
  • The top will bear a message stating that Root Succeeded.
  • Install the Root Verifier app to confirm that your Android device has been successfully rooted.
  • Start the app and confirm root access.
  • Flashify App can be downloaded and installed from the link above.
  • Start Flashify and grant Superuser permissions.
  • After you have launched the app, you will see the disclaimer as shown below.
  • Just tap the accept button.

how to unlock bootloader samsung without pc
how to unlock bootloader samsung without pc

  • Click on the Flash option, then click on the Recovery Image option.
  • Next, click on the Download TWRP button.
  • Next, choose your device from the screen that appears.
  • When the app asks if it is sure to flash recovery, select Yup to begin the flashing process.
  • Important: Don't reboot using flashy apps as it could cause boot loops. Close the app, and reboot your Android smartphone manually.

FAQ For bootloader Samsung 

Q.1 Can I unlock the bootloader without root?

Your answers are now. To unlock bootloader, you don't have to root your android phone. To root an android device, first unlock bootloader and then flash a custom recovery file like TWRP or CWM. Finally flash supersu binary.

Q.2 Does Samsung allow bootloader unlock?

It is easy to root your Samsung smartphone. You will need to have the bootloader and TWRP installed on your Android smartphone in order to root it. A PC is required to unlock the bootloader.

Q.3 What is the best way to unlock my bootloader?

Bugjaeger also includes an implementation of fastboot protocol. lets you communicate with bootloader from your Android device. There's no need for a computer. All you need is a USB OTG adapter.

Q.4 Is unlocking bootloader safe?

It's legal and safe to unlock the bootloader. If you don't do it correctly, your device may hard brick and cause you hardware damage. Modify the system to suit your needs. All bloatware can be removed.

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