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Friday, July 1, 2022

best screen recorder app for android with internal audio

 There are many things that can be done on a smartphone's screen. It could be that you are searching for an android screen recorder with internal audio, watching YouTube videos, gaming, scrolling through Twitter, and need to record and share it with someone. A screen recorder app is essential for all of these situations. This feature is now available in many Android skins, including Oxygen OS and MIUI.

A native screen recorder is the only function missing from Stock Android and Pixel smartphones. Android allows us to download screen recording apps from the Google Play Store. We have compiled a list of the best screen recorder app for android with internal audio that you can download right now.

best screen recorder app for android with internal audio

1. AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder is a well-known screen recording app for Android. Most likely, you have heard of it. AZ Screen Recorder offers many functions that are similar to DU Recorder. It allows you to customize and set up your phone's screen recording settings. There are many options for customization. 

These include different resolutions, bitrates from 1 Mbps up to 12 Mbps, frame rates ranging between 24FPS and 60FPS, as well as options to record external audio, internal audio, and touches.

 The app also allows users to create a time-lapse of their screen. It also offers options to protect against accidental touches and shaking.

Additionally, the app offers an additional AZ Plugin that allows you to compress and trim videos, add text over videos and other effects. 

A premium version of the app is also available. This allows you to unlock more options. These features include the ability pause, resume, and many other options.

2. Superscreen Recorder:

Super Screen Recorder, an Android app that allows users to capture their screen and record audio of it, is a free and powerful screen recorder. The easy-to-use menu and recording icons are also very popular. The tool even includes a note tool, which allows you to annotate and mark areas on your screen. Users can also record the screen to let their imaginations run wild.

This makes it our favorite and easiest screen recorder for Android. Super Screen Recorder allows users to customize the resolution. Users can record video at 240p or 1080p. You can also adjust the bit rate, FPS and other settings. This is one of our favorite screen recording apps.

3. Lollipop Screen Recorder

Lollipop screen recorder is a simple program with limited recording capabilities.

You can however, configure the orientation of the camera and use the included audio recorder.

Pay attention. Lollipop Screen Recorder works only on Android versions 5.0 and higher, as the name suggests.

4. Mobizen Screen Recorder:

Mobizen Screen Recorder is similar to the other apps in this list. It offers many options, making it an essential app for your android device. Mobizen lets users record at multiple resolutions, from 240p up to 1080p. It also offers bit rates of 0.5 Mbps up to 12 Mbps.

 Users can also choose between frame rates of 5 FPS and 60 FPS. Mobizen also includes in-built apps like a video editor and face cam options.

Mobizen Screen Recorder is the best screen recorder for android without watermark also offers a "Clean Recording" with no maximum timer, and much more. This mode allows users to change the Mobizen logo to a custom one. This add-on is great if you want to capture videos with your brand's logo watermark. There are some ads in the app, but these can be removed by purchasing an extra in-app purchase.

5. SCR Screen Recorder

SCR screen recorder is the best Android phone screen recorder. You can record audio and video, as well as the possibility of using your camera during the recording.

You will need root privileges to access the app. This is not recommended for advanced users.

ADV-Screen Recorder:

The ADV Screen Recorder offers the same basic features as all other screen recorders, but it is not. The app allows you to capture your phone's screen at different resolutions, including 240p and 720p. It also offers different bit rates (from 1Mbps to 15Mbps) and frame rates (24FPS to 60FPS). 

You can also record both internal and external audio. The phone's camera can be used to place the recording in a window on the side that is convenient. Users can also adjust the size and transparency of the window. Screen recording does not include a watermark like most other apps. You can also choose to add a logo or text directly from the app.

FAQ For the best screen recorder app

Q.1 what is the best screen recorder app for android with internal audio?

Ans. AZ Screen Recorder because it's free.

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