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Thursday, May 12, 2022

Why is samsung ac remote not working

 If your remote control doesn't work, please follow these steps:

Samsung ac remote not working

1 Remote battery is available.

  • After 30 seconds, remove the batteries from your remote control.
  • Check that the +/- poles match exactly.

  • If the battery is still not working, replace it.

2 Check Remote control using your Mobile camera.

  • You can push any button on the remote controller while taking a photograph of the remote control with the camera.

  • Verify that the remote control's sending end is lit. The remote control should be normal if the light is on. It is defective if it is not ON.

Determine if there are any obstacles between AC and remote control.

  • The obstacle must be removed. If there are any obstacles between them, the product won't receive the signal from remote control.

4 You can check if there are any bright light near you.

  • After removing the light, please verify that the remote control works properly.

  • The product won't work with remote control if there is a bright light such as a neon or 3-wave light near the remote control.

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