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Monday, September 11, 2023

Unstoppable Firepower : Best LMG in cod mobile 2023

 Welcome Gamers 

                           Today's post is all about the best LMG in COD Mobile so if you are searching for LMG in COD Mobile then you should Read this post.

As you guys know powerful weapons can be game-changers in both casual and competitive play. 

LMGs are known for their high magazine capacity, rapid-fire rates, and sustained firepower Based on these features we make a list of the best leg in cod mobile which can help you choose the best Light Machine Gun in COD.

Now let's start our list:

Best LMG in Cod mobile

1.) Holger 26

 As of September 2023, Holger 26 is one of the best Guns in COD Mobile. This Gun comes with a high fire rate, good damage, and a large magazine which makes this weapon very dangerous for close fight.

Now Let's talk about the features of Holger 26 Well let me tell you that this gun is quite impressive for long-range also:

Fire rateSlow
Magazine sizeLarge

Damage Range: -  Max: - 34, Min:- 16.

2.) UL736

Now let's talk about our second choice which is UL736. This gun has a base damage of 34, and a fire rate of 525 which is quite good for LMG guns.

UL736 also comes with a large magazine size of  100 rounds which is quite large for LMG guns.

If you are using this gun you have to know that this gun movement is quite slow so you don't have to use this gun for close combat.

Damage34 (base)
Fire rate525 rounds per minute
Magazine size100 rounds

3.) M4LMG

Now comes our third choice M4LMG. This gun comes with a base damage of 27 which is quite low compared to the other two. You can also increases damage to 33 with the OWC Marksman Barrel attachment.

  • If we talk about Fire rate M4LMG comes with 650 rounds per minute.

  • M4LMG has a Magazine size of 100 rounds of ammo.

Damage27 (base)
Fire rate650 rounds per minute
Magazine size100 rounds

4.) S36: The Bullet Hose

This gun is also known as the Bullet Hose in Call of Duty Mobile. This gun comes with a base damage of 32, a fire rate of 450 with magazine capacity of 100 rounds.

 Attachments For S36

  • OWC Marksman Barrel can increase the range and damage of the S36.
  • Granulated Grip Tape helps to reduce the recoil of the S36.
  • Flak Jacket Perk helps to reduce the damage you take from explosives.


Damage32 (base)
Fire rate450 rounds per minute
Magazine size100 rounds


Here in this post, we add a list of the best LMG in cod mobile with their damage, fire rate, recoil, magazine size, and mobility so if you are thinking of choosing any LMG gun in cod mobile than you should read this post till the end. 

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