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Wednesday, January 4, 2023

[7 Ways] How to earn money with ySense

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                 if you guys are searhing for the best survey app to earn money and pay instantly then you should check out this post.

how to earn money with ysense
how to earn money with ysense

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If you want to earn money by completing Tasks and completing Surveys, then you should know about AdSense Review in Hindi that what is ySense, and how to earn money from ySense through Tasks, Surveys, and referrals in ySense.

Whenever you find ways to earn money online, you also find ways to earn money by doing surveys, which one way is ySense App or ySense Website where you have to complete some Tasks, and in return you earn money.

These Tasks can be anything like what is your name, is your address, how much you are educated, what job you do, or who is the Prime Minister of India, Virat Kohli is the player of which country where you are from this general You can earn money by answering the question, which is a task, in return for which you get money.

What is this similar ySense App? There is also a way to earn money by doing Surveys, in which you get opportunities to earn money in many ways other than Surveys, this ySense has a website on Google and also an App on Google Play Store, with the help of which you can do this work How to make money from ySense App You can earn very easily.

Ysense is the most used App and Website to earn money by doing surveys, because it is reliable and very popular, which gives good money by working here and also pays you on time.

So if you want complete information about Ysense, then read this post completely, what is ySense, how it works, and what is its layout, along with complete information about joining ySense and how to earn money from ySense.

What is ySense?

ySense is an App and Website that gives you work in the form of small tasks, which you can earn money by completing online sitting at home. These tasks are small and simple questions, whose answers you have to give.

Many people also know ySense by the name of ClixSense, which is a Get-Paid site or GTP site, which is supported by Market Researchers from all over the world, that is why ySense is called a Global Company, which can be used by any person in the world.

People from different countries around the world can earn money by working on this site. This ySense first started with the name CLIXSENSE, a company based in California, which has become famous in today's time in the way of earning money by doing surveys, which is called online money. Earning users know very well.

When ySense started, it started as a PTC (pay to click) means that it started paying according to page views and clicks, then later more features were added to it like completing surveys, Completing Offers, Completing Tasks, Referring & Earn, etc.

This has become a better way for you to earn money online, so you can earn lakhs of rupees a month by working on ysense's website, for which you do not have to pay a single rupee because there is no charge here. Totally free.

Here you can create your account on Ysense for free through Ysense App or Website and you can earn very well by using its services where you get Payout according to different countries which are added to Ysense account in dollar form.

So here is some information about ySense, now let us know how ySense works and how you can earn money from it.

How does ySense work?

The way of working with ySense is that there is a website of ySense and it also has an App, with the help of which you create an account on ySense for which you need a mobile number, Email Id along with some documents.

When you create an account on ySense, here you are given some questions in the form of a task, which you have to answer, after which the talk is completed, in return you get some money, which is in the form of dollars in the ySense account. accumulates.

These questions are simple, whose answer you can give in Yes or No or you can also read some word writing, here a task has been made by mixing the question, below which the estimated time is given that in how much time you can complete the task. Can

Here you can take more time than that, it is an estimated time that it will take at least that much time to complete that Task, and below that the amount of that Task is given that you will get that much money on completing that Task.

In this way, you choose a task of your choice and earn money by completing it, apart from this, you get many other methods like Refer And Earn, and Leval Income in this ySense, whose complete information I will give you how to earn money from ySense.

In this way, you must have understood what is ySense and how it works, let us now create an account on ySense and how to earn money from it.

How to create an account on ySense?

Creating an account on ySense is very easy for which all you need is a mobile number and Email Id as well as fill in some information about yourself and your account will be created on ySense from which you can start earning money.

So let's know how you can create an account on ySense, step by step in Hindi?

Step 1 – To create an account on ySense, first of all, you have to go to ySense website, for which you search ySense in Google and click on the first link in the result or you can also go to ySense website by clicking on this link.

Step 2 – After visiting this site, you will see an option like this as shown in the picture, here first you have to click on the option of Sign Up at the top.

Step 3 – As soon as you click on the option of Signup, the option of Email Id and Password will come in front of you, then enter an Email Id here and enter a password and click on the option given below Join Now.

Step 4 – As soon as you do this, a verification link will go to your Email Id, on which you will have to verify the Email Id by clicking on it.

Step 5 – After completion of verification, you have to complete the profile of your ysense account where you have to upload your photo and give information about yourself.

Remember that you do not have to give any wrong information here, whatever you fill in, fill in your correct information, otherwise, you may face problems in earning money from Ysense.

Step 6 – When you complete your profile, the process of creating your account is also completed, now you can start earning money from this Ysense.

In this way, you can easily create your account on Ysense, in which there is not much hassle, it is a very simple process, so let's now know how to earn money from Ysense.

How to earn money from ySense

There are many ways to earn money from ySense in which (1) Earn money by completing test (2) Earn money by Daily Bonus (3) Earn money by surveys (4) Earn money by referring (5) Earn money by signup commission (6) Activity You can earn money from ySense by earning money from commissions etc.

Here we will learn about all these methods one by one but before that for your information ySense is the site to earn money by doing surveys which you will not find in anyone else.

Its payouts are also the best and it also gives your money on time, so let's know without delay, let's know about earning money in all these ways.

#1 - Earn money by completing tasks

The first way to earn money in ySense is Complete Tasks, in which ySense gives you many types of tasks where you get all kinds of tasks, small and big, and according to that, you get money.

In these small and big tasks, a time is given in front of the task, an amount is given to earn money after completing the task, you get that money on completion of the task, whatever time is shown here is an estimated time that You can complete that task in time.

Here, according to the task, the time is shown there and accordingly the amount of how to earn money from ySense is shown, which gets added to your ySense account when your task is completed.

Here there are some tasks that you can complete again and again and every time you will get money, but there are some tasks that you can complete only once, like completing the profile is also a task that you have to complete once. for which you get half a dollar.

Here you are informed about the new tasks that come on your Email Id and you also get the information about the old tasks that you have completed that you can earn money from ySense by completing this task again.

One of the best things about YSense is that when you earn $50 from ySense, ySense gives you a $5 bonus for it. You can make even more money through the weekly contests they launch and the daily checklist bonus. Can earn

Apart from this, there are other ways to earn money from ySense, which are the options to earn money from rewards in ySense such as

#2 - Earn money from Tasks Weekly Contests

ySense also runs a kind of award ceremony which is a kind of competition in which the participating members are given prizes. This competition runs from Monday to Sunday where the members who complete the top 10 tasks are given prizes like this Is.

Top 1 – $50

Top 2 – $20

Top 3 – 10

Top 4 – $5

Top 5 – $5

And not only this, even after the Top 5, a reward of $ 2 is given, which means if you come to any position in the top position, you will definitely get some reward, so that you can earn extra income from ySense.

#3 – Earn money from ysense with Daily Checklist Bonus

ySense also has Daily Checklist Bonus. You can use ySense's Daily Checklist as your guide in accomplishing your goals and tasks on ySense's site. With the help of this daily checklist, you will find it very easy to earn from ySense.

You have to complete these checklists, when you complete your checklist, then you can add 16% amount from your earned daily money to your account, now understand how it works.

  • Daily Checklist Bonus – 12%
  • ySense Addon Extra Bonus – 2%
  • Activity Extra Bonus – 2%

In this way, you can earn 16% Extra with ySense which is a better way to earn money from ySense but keep in mind that here your bonus is calculated on your daily earnings.

#4 – Earn money by completing Answer Surveys

Another way of Earning from ysense is to earn money by doing surveys, here the meaning of a survey is by giving answers to questions, here a survey is made by mixing some common and unusual questions, where you have to answer all those questions, in exchange for which you get money. Let's meet

What kind of surveys you will get here, is decided from the information given in your profile, when you complete your profile in the form of a Task after creating an account, here you get surveys according to your given information.

Just like how much you have studied, where you are from, and what work you do, the survey is also done on the basis of that, which you can easily complete, that is why it is important that you give the same information in your profile which is your correct information.

For this, you just have to log in to your ysense account where this survey appears in your dashboard where you can complete that survey by clicking on a survey and answering its question and earn money from this ysense.

Here you can complete whatever survey you want, if you are completing a survey, but if you do not answer the question correctly, then you can be excluded from that survey, but for this, you have to No money has to be paid and then you can start another survey.

Here you just take care of one thing, then you can easily complete any survey and that thing is the information given in your profile because according to this you get the survey as I have told you.

For example, if you show in your profile that you are a doctor, then you will get surveys related to some medicines, which you will be able to complete easily, but if this information is wrong, then you will not be able to give information about those medicines.

That's why make your profile correct so that you get the right question in the form of a Question, which you can easily complete and earn money from here.

#5 - Earn money from ySense Referral Program

This is a referral program where you can earn money from Sign Up Commissions and Activity Commissions along with referral commission from each referral by getting your friends to join you through referral link.

With the referral program in ySense, you can also earn money from Affiliate Program i.e. Affiliate Marketing, but to join this Affiliate Program, you need some followers, otherwise, you cannot join this Affiliate Program.

If you are a Youtuber or Blogger then you can join this Affiliate Program very easily or you should have some good followers on any social media, even then you can join this Affiliate Program.

The biggest advantage of this Affiliate Program is that in this you get an Affiliate commission along with a referral commission, which you will get for a lifetime, due to which you earn very well.

For example, when you get someone to join through your referral link, then you get only a referral commission, but on joining through Affiliate Link, you get a referral commission, as long as that referral person earns any money from his account. You will get some % commission on that too.

So let us know how this commission is received and how much it is received because there are different terms and conditions for getting a commission which is determined according to the program and countries.

#6 – Earn money from Signup Commissions

Here the money received from Refer And Earn for signup commission ranges from 10 cents to 30 cents, here there may be a doubt in your mind that why you get more or less, then the reason for this is different countries because some get more money from countries and less from some countries which we call Top Tier Countries.

So let us see the commission list of these Top Tier Countries where you get the highest commission

  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Danish

#7 - Earn money from Activity Commissions

This is the commission that is given according to the activity, according to how many people you have joined through your Affiliate Link, you also get the commission of the activity.

For example, you get someone to join through your link where you are getting 20% commission but if you get 100 people to join in a month then you start getting more commission 24%.

Similarly, if you get 200 people to join in a month, then your commission increases to 30%, this is what we call Activity commission, which increases your commission based on the increase in your referral user.

In this way, you can get maximum commission by joining more and more people, which is a better option for your Earning, so that you can earn a very good income for the month.


Here in this post, we discuss about ysense app so if you want to know how to earn money with ysense then you should read our post till the end because this survey app is one of the best survey apps to earn money that pay instantly.

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