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Monday, January 2, 2023

How to Type in Hindi In Laptop Windows 7

Hello Readers 

                   Today's post is all about how to type in Hindi on laptop.

Hello friends, through this post, we are telling you how to do Hindi typing on a computer laptop with an English keyboard. By the way, there is already kruti dev and some software for Hindi typing in the computer, through which Hindi can be typed, but it is very difficult because for this you have to find different letters and quantities of Hindi from the keyboard. While only English words are written in the keyboard, it becomes difficult for those who are typing for the first time. And for those who would like to type from it, it becomes necessary for them to have knowledge of quantity.

And it works only in those in which it is installed, or in which its option is given, whereas, with the method I am telling here, any computer can easily do Hindi typing on a laptop, just like it does in a phone. Like, you can type in Hindi from an English keyboard, and it can be used anywhere.

How to type in Hindi in laptop

There is more than one method for typing English to Hindi in Pc laptop, for which you will have to install software and if it is already in your system, you can use it, so let's go if your computer has already given its option. Know how to set up it and if not, then how to download it.

how to type in Hindi on laptop windows 7

If you have the windows 10 operating system on your computer or laptop, then it will already have software for Hindi, so if it is, then you do not need to install separate software, and apart from window 10, 8, or 7 do it, then for that You have to download the software, so if you use windows 10, then how to set up the Hindi font in it is being told in the next step -

  Step - 1 First of all look near the time and date in the taskbar on your computer laptop, and click on it where ENG will be written, here eng means English which is set now. After that click on language preferences.

  Step - 2 After this you will go to language settings, here add a preferred language that will be written and click on the plus icon on its side.

  Step - 3 Now a list of many languages will come here, then you have to go down and click on where Hindi is written and click on next.

  Step - 4 Now here extra features have been given text to speech and tick on handwriting. Then click on install.

  Step - 5 Now we will see the Hindi option in the list, but the setup is not complete yet, after that Hindi will be written, click on it, then options will be written below, click on it.

  Step - 6 Now add a keyboard that will be written below here, click on the plus icon in front of it, then click on Hindi phonetic.

  Step - 7 Now that the process is complete, now you have to click on eng from the taskbar, then click on Hindi phonetic. Remember to click on the Hindi phonetic option.

  Step - 8 Now open any notepad or any word editor software to see the try. Now you can type anything from English words to Hindi on the keyboard. For typing on mobile, for example, I typed the Hindi word 'Kya' from an English keyboard. Now press simple space or else 4 to 5 words similar to that word will appear which will be correct and click on it.


Although mostly the first word is correct, then you have to keep pressing the simple space button while typing fast, after which your typed word will appear in the word editor.

When you are typing Hindi in this way and have to write a word in English, then after typing 4, or 5 options similar words appear, then on the second number the same word is written in an English word, and you have to click on it. Have to give or press the space by pressing the down arrow from the keyboard, then that word will be typed in English.

Apart from this, if you want to type in English only, then click on it in the taskbar and select it in English, after which you will be able to write in English without interruption. Or if you want to change the language by pressing the shortcut key, then you have to use alt+shft for that.

Hindi Typing Software Free Download

If your computer laptop does not have windows 10 os, then you can type in Hindi from the English keyboard by downloading Microsoft Indic Language Input Tool.

hindi keyboard for pc
hindi keyboard for pc

  Step - 1 First of all, you have to install Microsoft's Hindi typing tool on your computer, then for this go to any browser of your computer like google chrome, firefox, if there is no internet on the computer, then connect to your phone via hotspot. it can also download on the phone.

So search in the browser Microsoft Indic language input tool Hindi then click on the first site which will be there.

  Step - 2 Now after coming to the site, go down here, indic input 3 will be for windows 8, in which there will be separate links for 32-bit and 64-bit, so if your computer is 64-bit, then download the ones below 64-bit. Click on it and if it is 32-bit then click on the link below it.

In the same way, Windows 7 users, then for this go down to window 8, in which indic input 2 will be written, then click on it, the download will be written in Hindi line to download here simply.

  Step - 3 After downloading, and installing it, then it will be written eng in your taskbar, there will also be an option for Hindi, then by selecting Hindi from there, you will be able to type in Hindi from the English keyboard, that is, whatever you write in English, you will be able to type in Hindi. I will keep getting typed.


Here in this post, we discuss all the methods for how to type in Hindi on laptops windows 7, phones,s and laptops so if you want to write in Hindi then you should read our post till the end.

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