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Sunday, November 20, 2022

How to watch Netflix for free in India

Hello Readers 

                  Today's post is all about the apps to watch Netflix shows for free.

watch netflix online for free
watch netflix online for free

Friends, do you also want to know how to watch Netflix free on mobile, then you must read this article. We will give you all the information to watch and download web series and movies available on Netflix for free.

As you all know how important entertainment is in our life. Some people have different entertainment sources due to which they entertain themselves.

In this lockdown, everyone is sitting at home. And now talking about entertainment, movies, and series are two things people often like to watch.

Today, mobile and TV are being used more to watch movies and web series.

There are many platforms that give you a chance to watch movies and series and one such well-known platform is Netflix.

Netflix is ​​a video streaming platform where you can watch a variety of movies and series. Earlier movies were released only in a cinema hall but in today's time, new movies are also released on platforms like Netflix.

That's why many people want to watch Netflix but you cannot watch it for free. To watch Netflix, you have to buy their plans.

So today in this article, we will give you all the information related to how to watch Netflix for free in india, and also we will tell you about some such methods, knowing that you can easily download all the movies and web series of Netflix absolutely free.

What is Netflix?

Friends, Netflix started 20 years ago and it is a subscription-based platform. This is a streaming service where you can watch all kinds of shows, movies, and web series.

You will get to watch movies and series here as per your choice. Netflix is ​​the world's largest On Demand Video Streaming platform.

Today more than 1 billion downloads of Netflix have been completed on the play store. And also the shows on Netflix are liked by all the people.

How to Watch Netflix for Free in India

Friends, as you know Netflix is ​​a subscription-based platform, so here you will have to subscribe separately for your mobile or any other device.

You get many offers with it, which you can easily use. Right now we will know about some such methods due to which you can easily watch Netflix for free and you will not need any subscription to watch it.

1. Vegamovies

Friends, if you want to download and watch Netflix series for free, then Vegamovies is a very good website. Watching movies online consumes more data, so internet connectivity should also be good. But you can watch the downloaded video whenever you want and it also saves your net.

You can download your desired movie on the Vegamovies website. And also you get the option of quality control i.e. in which quality you want to download here.

2. Telegram

Friends, the most used method is telegram only. You can download any series or movie very easily with the help of telegram. In this application also you will get all the series for free and that too with good picture quality.

All you have to do is type the movie or series you want to watch in the search bar of Telegram, and then check the results that will come. It may take some time for you to find your movie or series.

3. 9xflix

Friends, the name of the next website is 9xflix. If you want, you can also use this website to watch any series or movie on Netflix.

Also, you can easily download any series or movie from here. You will find any kind of series and movies here too. 9xflix is ​​also a very good website to download movies.

4. Netflix mod apk

Friends, many mod apps of Netflix are available in the market today, using which you can easily enjoy watching NetFlix online for free.

You have to take special care that you use it keeping in mind the security of your mobile.


Here in this post, we discuss how to watch Netflix for free in india so if you want an app to watch Netflix shows for free then check out our list and choose an app.

FAQ For watching Netflix for free in India 

Q.1:  websites to watch Netflix shows for free in india?

Ans: If you want to watch Netflix Korean drama for free then you should go to this site:

  • Dramcool.
  • bilibili.tv

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