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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

how to view locked profile in facebook without being friends

Hello Readers  


                   Today's post is all about how to view a locked profile on Facebook.

Before you start knowing how to view locked profiles in Facebook without becoming friends, you should know what Profile Lock is.


What is Facebook Lock Profile?

Facebook takes great care to protect the data and privacy of its users. Because of this, apart from Facebook and the users themselves, it is impossible for their data and privacy to move around. Facebook has given its users another option for their security.

With the help of which Facebook users can lock their Facebook profile. With the help of this option, you can lock your Facebook. With this, our profile picture and all the photos should be shown to the person you want, only those people will be able to see it.

 Apart from this, no unknown person can see the photo of your Facebook profile in full size. Apart from this, you will not be able to see any of your photos unless you want to.

What's wrong with the Facebook profile lock?

After locking the Facebook profile, any person who has not yet become your friend on Facebook, will not be able to see any photos and videos uploaded to your Facebook account, because when he visits your Facebook profile, he will see that profile. Apart from this, you will not be able to see that profile in full size nor will you be able to download it.

You will not be able to even take a screenshot of that profile until that unknown person sends a Friend Request and you accept it. After accepting the friend request, he will become your friend, and after that, he can see your photos and videos because this security will not work for him again. 

The reason for this is that we create an account on Facebook only to share our photos and videos with our friends. Therefore, before applying this security, it will not work for those who have become your friends on Facebook. It means to say that any person until you do not recognize that person, you will not be able to see any photo or video of your Facebook account. Will not be able to see

How to lock your Facebook profile

After knowing what happens by locking Facebook profile, if you also want to lock your Facebook profile, then for this you have to follow some steps, after that your Facebook will be locked.

Step-1 First open your Facebook app, then click on your Profile Picture.

Step-2 Just below the profile picture, an option of Add To Story will be found, do not click on it, but you will find a 3 Dots option on its right side, click on it.

Step-3 Then many options will be shown in front of you, in that you will get the option of Lock Profile, click on it.

Step-4 Then Facebook will tell you how this locking feature works, after that you will get the option of Lock Your Profile at the bottom, click on it.

Your Facebook profile is now locked.

how to unlock a profile on facebook

After locking the Facebook profile, if you ever want to unlock it again, you can do that too very easily. For this, you have to open the Facebook application again.

After that you have to open your profile, as soon as you click on the profile picture, it will be shown that your Facebook profile is locked and you can unlock your Facebook profile by clicking on it.

how to view photos of locked profiles on facebook

There is an account on Facebook which is locked and if you want to see all the Photos, Videos of that locked Profile Picture, then first you have to send Friend Request to him as soon as he accepts Friend Request, after that all of that Profile Picture You can see photos and videos.

how to view a locked profile in Facebook without being friends

To remove the features that Facebook has given to lock Facebook profiles for the security of its users, you will have to make it a friend. Only after that, you can see all the photos of that account. Apart from this, no Tips and Tricks will work nor that security can be removed with the help of any Third Party Apps.

Because the security of Facebook is very strong. There is only one solution for this, you make that person a friend. However, without making a friend, you can see and download the Lock Profile Picture and Banner in the original size. For this, we will need a browser, and a small trick will have to be adopted in it, which I have told in the details below.

how to view a locked profile on Facebook

Now we will tell you how to see the lock profile picture on Facebook in full size, along with this we will also tell you how to see the banner which is called Cover Photo on that Facebook account. If you want to download that Profile Picture or Cover photo, then you can also download it. For this, some steps are given below which you have to follow.

Step-1 First of all, you have to copy the link of the ID which is Profile Lock.

Step-2 After that you have to open a browser, paste that link into the search bar above, and then search it.

Step-3 If you have never logged in your Facebook account in that browser, then it will ask you to login here, then you have to log in by entering your Mobile Number and Password.

Step-4 After that the profile of whatever Facebook account you have copied will open here.

Step-5 Then the URL (Link) of that Facebook account will appear at the top, click on it.

Step-6 After that 3 options will appear on the right side of the URL, Share, Copy and Edit, here you have to click on the option of Edit.

Step-7 After that again the link of that Facebook ID will appear above. Now what you have to do here is to write basic in small letters of English in front of https://m on the left side of the Url and after that search for it.

This means in that link, you have to write only basic in front of m, the rest of the url has to remain the same after that search has to be done.

Step-8 Again the same Facebook account will open again, but this time the download option will be available on that Facebook Profile and Cover photo, which you can download, after that it will be saved in the gallery.

How to Copy Facebook Id Link

Friends, sometimes we have to copy the link of our Facebook account, as if you want to share the link of your Facebook account to someone so that that person can click on that link and reach directly to your Facebook profile. Apart from this, in order to download the Facebook Lock Profile mentioned above, you will also have to copy the link of that person's Facebook ID.

Apart from this, if you work on the Internet and want to give a link to Facebook on your Instagram, YouTube, and website so that it can follow you on Facebook as well, then you have to copy the link of your Facebook ID here too. But many people do not know how to copy the link of their Facebook ID. But the way I am telling you today, you can copy the link of your Facebook ID or any Facebook account.

• For this, first of all, you have to open the Facebook App.

• After that the Facebook profile has to be opened whose link is to be copied. If you want to copy the link of your Facebook ID, then you have to open your own Facebook profile.

• Then on the right side next to the Profile Picture, you will get a Three Dots option, click on it.

• After that an option will be found below Copy Link If you click on it then the link of that ID will be copied, now you can share this link anywhere.


If you want to know how to view a locked profile on Facebook without being friends then you can check out our post and know how to view a locked profile on Facebook step by step.

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