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Thursday, November 24, 2022

How to earn money from Google Tez App

Hello Readers 

                  Today's post will tell you about how to make money Tez app.

With the help of the Tez App, you can make online payments, but for this, it is necessary to have the internet on your phone, it will also save you time. 

How to earn money from Google Tez App
How to earn money from Google Tez App

Very few people would know that you can also earn money from Tez App. There are many apps in the market that would tell you that with the help of our app, you can earn unlimited money, but this is not true.

Tez App is a payment app based on a UPI launched by Google, with its help you can easily send and receive money, its special thing is that you do not need to put money in it, it is linked to your bank account. Whatever transaction you do in this, all are directly from your account.

Whatever money you send to someone, is deducted directly from your account and on receipt of the money, it reaches directly to your account, you can earn money by using Offers in Tez App. In this post, we will tell you that Offers How to use

Now we will tell you step by step about how to make money Tez app without any investment, for this you will have to read our post from beginning to end.

How to earn money from Google Tez App

Keeping Digital India in mind, Google has prepared its own Online Payment App Tez, in this, you can easily send money from one person to another sitting at home online and you can also receive it, for this you just have to enter your mobile number. A bank account has to be linked.

First of all, you have to download the App from the given Referral Link, in which you will get a Cash Back Reward of (51rs.) on doing the First Transaction (1rs.). If you download and install the App Directly then you will not get Cash Back Reward.

3 Ways to make money Tez app

Now we will tell you about some best ways to earn money from Google Tez App

invite friends

You and your friends will get a bonus of 51rs on inviting your friends and family members to Tez App from your referral link, but keep in mind that the person in front will have to download Tez App from your referral link and do the first transaction.

Scratch Card Offer

In this method, you will get a scratch card by paying Rs.50 or more to another Tez user, in which both of you can earn up to Rs.1000. If you pay with a scratch card or another Tez user pays you, both will benefit.

Lucky Scratch Card

This offer is also similar to Scratch Card, but in this, you can earn up to Rs.100000, for this, you have to click on Offer (Lucky Friday Scratch Card) and send Rs.50 to any Tez user. If you are lucky, you will get up to Rs.100000. Jackpot of Rs.


Here you guys can check the best ways to earn money from the Tez app, so if you have no idea to earn money from this app then you can read our article.

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