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Monday, November 7, 2022

What is the difference between telegram and telegram x

Hello Readers 


                  Today's post si all about the difference between telegram and telegram x.

 Do you know what is Telegram X? And how to use it, if you have also heard the name of telegram X but you do not know yet how to use it, then after reading this post completely know everything about telegram x and what its feature and what is the difference between telegram and telegram x.

By the way, you must have heard the name of your Telegram at some point or the other, it is a messaging app using which you can chat with your friends, it works just like Whatsapp. 

But there are many such features in it that are different from WhatsApp. Telegram also gives cloud storage to every user so that they can save their data.

Its special thing is that many animations and stickers are given for chatting in them. Telegram X interface is so simple that anyone can use this app.

What is Telegram X?

So let's talk now. About telegram X This is an alternative android app to telegram, which was earlier named challegram, which has now been renamed to Telegram X by telegram, this app is very advanced than telegram, and you get many extra features.

If you want to see the messages of your friends without them knowing, then you can do so in this. In this, you are also given the option to change the themes, with the help of which you can apply the same themes as you wish. 

Overall, you can say that this is an upgrade of the telegram, in which you get to see many different features. Now this question must be arising in your mind what is the difference between telegram and telegram X.

Difference between Telegram and Telegram X

As we told you that Telegram X is an upgraded version which is an advanced app. Which can emerge as one of the best messaging apps in modern times. In the telegram, Telegram has only a few features that differentiate it from WhatsApp but inside telegram X you get some such features that you will like a lot.

In this, you are given night mode, with the help of which you can keep the interface of these apps according to you. Also, in Telegram, you have added some multimedia features, in which you get to see many new features. The special thing about Telegram X is that you can read anyone's message and the person in front will not even know that you have read his message.

how to create a telegram X account

Friends, creating an account on Telegram X is a very easy task. First, you must go to Google Play Store and install it. Let us tell you that this app has been downloaded by more than 500 thousand people so far, whose star rate of 4.5 is very good.

After installing it, you will have to do simple login in it. For this, you just have to enter your mobile number, after which an (OTP) comes to your number. After entering your Telegram X account is created.

How to use Telegram X

Friends, it is also effortless to use Telegram X, its interface is so simple that anyone can use it very easily. As soon as you log in inside it, you see two options chat and calls.

By clicking on Chat, you can chat with your friends and after clicking on calls, you can talk with your friends. In this, you can also invite your friends who are not present on telegram X.

In this, you are given many animations and strikers, which increases the fun of chatting with friends.


Here in this post, we add all the information about telegram x so if you are searching for it then you can read our whole article about it.

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