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Monday, October 10, 2022

Best mechanical keyboard brands in India

 Hello Readers

                 Today's post is all about the best mechanical keyboard brands in india.

Before we begin let me tell you what a mechanical keyboard is. This keyboard is a little different from other keyboards that use a spring-activated switch that gives a clicking noise when any key is pressed.

This keyboard is very much liked by gamers, so if you also like to play games, then you guys can use these keyboards.

There are many companies in the market that come with their mechanical keyboards, among them we have compiled a list of some of the best companies, you can choose the keyboard of any company from that list.

This list has been ranked on the basis of Amazon reviews and feedback and we have used some keyboards ourselves.

Price is also an important part of that list because we have paid more attention to the company which provides budget-friendly keyboard.

Now let's start our list:

best mechanical keyboard brands in India

1.) redgear  

This is our first choice because the price range of this company starts from 800 and goes up to 3000 and due to this the demand for Redgear Keyboard products is also very high in the market.

This company provides both semi-mechanical and mechanical keyboards at a low price to users.

Features :

1.) This keyboard is available in both Blue Switch and Brown Switch:

  • Blue Switch:- This switch increases your gaming speed.
  • Brown Switch:- This switch gives a floating environment.

2.) You also get to see the window lock button on this keyboard.


Let us now come to our second choice, which is Cosmic Byte, this company also provides you a better keyboard at the least price, but this company comes with only one type of mechanical keyboard, which will give you a range of 2000 K.


  • This keyboard comes with Outemu Blue Switch.

The main focus of this company is only on gaming and this company also manufactures other gaming accessories like headphones, gamepads, microphones, etc.

3.) Logitech G

If you are looking for Prodigy keyboards, then you can look for Logitech G Keyboard, a company that is well-known for gaming accessories, and the Logitech G435 headphone series from this company is very much liked by youngsters.


  • This company keyboard comes with an advanced mechanical switch that provides you high-speed gaming.

There is only one problem with this company's product and that is its price, this keyboard starts from 4000 (Approx) which is very costly.

4.) HUO JI

If you are searching for a mechanical keyboard with a colorful and unique design, you can take a look at the HUO JI product.

This company is famous in the market for its unique design and RGB color combination.

The design of this company is more liked by female users because the color of this keyboard is mostly pink, which attracts more female games.

You can get some products from this company under 1800 but they will not have mechanical keys they will have RGB combinations available but if you want a perfect mechanical keyboard then you have to pay at least 3000 to 4000 price.

5.) HP

Everyone must have heard about this company because it is a very famous laptop company which also launches its laptop accessories and mechanical keyboard is one of them.

The price of the keyboard of this company also starts from 1500, which is quite economical.

This company comes with a mechanical keyboard with an aluminum panel, which is a very unique concept, so if you want to try something new, you can buy HP's keyboard.


Here we have added the 5 best mechanical keyboard brands in India, so if you are searching for a keyboard you can check our list and choose a company.

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