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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

best free backup app for android 2022

Hello readers

                  Today's post is all about the best free backup app for android.

 In today's time, everyone has a smartphone. And there is no doubt that whoever has his own mobile, in that he saves his important data like files, photos, and documents on his mobile only. But it is often seen that when a virus comes in our mobile due to which the mobile starts running slow, then we have to format our mobile.

But when we format our mobile then all the data present in our mobile gets deleted. The one we don't want to lose. But now if you want to format your mobile without losing data. So for this, there are many applications available on the Play Store to save mobile backup data. By downloading you can back up your Android Backup in these apps.

But what is the Play Store application that we can download and restore our Mobile Data Backup and Restore, so you do not need to worry much about this, below in this article we have shared the Best Backup And Restore Android Apps that you can use. You can download it from our website only. So let's know -

Today everyone has such files, photos, video SMS, and many other important files on his mobile which he always wants to save for his memories on his mobile for a long time. But as we all know that mobile device is an electronic devices.

In which there can be any technical problem at any time. Many times the data present in our mobile gets deleted due to technical problems in mobile. Which later becomes difficult to recover. Which becomes a matter of trouble. But now if you want to keep your data, file, photo, and videos saved on mobile forever.

Using the Backup and Restore App, you can make a backup of the data present on the mobile. If you do this then your data will be safe forever in these apps which you can access whenever you want. Below we have shared the best android backup app 2022 list. You can download any App –

best android backup app

Here we discuss all kinds of backup apps like video, image, SMS, and more.

1.) Backup & Restore

Backup And Restore App is the best Android application for mobile application, contact. By using this app, you can keep a backup of the applications, contacts, as well as mobile memory, chip card memory, and Google Drive on your mobile.

You can access it whenever you want using the Backup and Restore App on your mobile. So if you are looking for a good application to back up your mobile app or phone memory, then you can download the Backup And Restore App from the link given below.

2.) Google Photo (android Photo backup app)

Everyone's mobile photos and videos are his memory for mobile users, which he never wants to delete from his mobile. If you are also one of them then definitely download Google Photo App on your mobile.

Google Photo App Video is the No 1 App for saving photos, which has so far been downloaded by 5 billion mobile users from the Play Store. 5 billion downloaded users which is a huge number. With this, you can understand the popularity of this application. 

3.) Super Backup And Restore

Super Backup And Restore is the fastest backup app to restore mobile data. With the help of this, you can make a backup of mobile contacts, messages, and call history. If you want, you can schedule automatic backup using this and you can make data backup according to your scheduled time.

Surely Super Backup And Restore is a very good app to make backups of mobile messages, call history, contacts, bookmarks, SD cards, Google Drive, etc. If you want to make a mobile backup using it, then you can download this app from google play.

4.) G Cloud Backup

G Cloud Backup is a good application to save videos, music, and photos on mobile. Where you can keep up to 1GB of backup. To restore a free 1 GB data file in G Cloud Backup App, you have to first create your account and password on this app.

The good thing about this app is that you can transfer the data you save by making a backup in G Cloud Backup App if you want to transfer it to any other device. Also, if you want, you can also put your personal lock on this app. And you can keep your data safe. So if you want to save mobile data in a safe way, then you can download G Cloud Backup App.

5.) Google Drive App

Google Drive App is a very popular app that is used a lot by mobile users. This is already Google's app. That's why it is liked even more by the user. Google Drive App provides 15GB of storage to the user. Where you can store your documents, photos, etc.

The good thing about Google Drive App is that you can share the files and photos you have saved in this app directly from here. Google Drive has also been downloaded by 5 billion mobile users and the app is currently present on the Play Store with a 4.5 rating.

6.) Titanium Backup app

Titanium Backup app is also a mobile backup app using which you can back up and restore your mobile's SMS, Contacts, and mobile apps. The titanium Backup app is currently available for all Android devices.

Talking about the popularity of this app, so far it has been downloaded by 10 million users from Play Store and is available only on the Google Play Store with a rating of 4.2. If you also want to download this app, then you can download it on your mobile from the google play store.

7.) Easy Backup app

The easy Backup app is the best application to back up and restore mobile contacts. Using this app you can export your contacts backup to Google Drive on, an SD card. Which is a very good alternative to this app.

8.) SMS Backup And Restore App

SMS Backup And Restore App is a good option to make a backup and restore the SMS present in the mobile's inbox. Which is currently being used by about 10 million users. If you want, you can also upload the SMS Backup created in this app to Google Drive, or Dropbox. Also, using WiFi, you can transfer the backup to any other phone by email or direct.


Here we add the 8 best android backup apps but we are still searching for more free backup apps for android so keep visiting our blog to get updated.

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