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Friday, August 5, 2022

best RGB keyboard under 1000

 hello readers 

               Today's post is all about the best RGB keyboard under 1000 in India

Nowadays gaming is an essential part of young people's lives and also in the country's economy.

So many gamers are making money with their gaming skills and playing games in tournaments.

This is the reason why gaming accessories with suitable working and stylish looks are searched by young people and gaming mechanical keyboard is one of them.

In this article, you can check out our new list of best RGB keyboards under 1000 in India but also remember don't expect too much with these keyboards because the price is low so advanced features could be limited in these keyboards but we will try to add best products for you.

How to choose the best gaming mechanical keyboard under 1000

RGB Light : 

At this price, you can get 3 to 9 RGB lights for your keyboard but it is enough.

Response Time:

Because all the keyboard under 100 is wired so you should worry about Response Time.

Stylish Look:

Here we add some eye-catching design keyboards which help you to look cool.

best RGB keyboard under 1000

Choose the best RGB keyboard in our list which is given below:

1. Redgear Blaze Semi-Mechanical wired Gaming keyboard

If you are searching for a strong body keyboard with RGB light then you can choose this Redgear Blaze keyboard because this keyboard comes with a full aluminum body and also 2 variants.

Its first variant comes with 3 led backlights and the second one with 7 led backlights.

Well If you have lots of typing work then don't worry this keyboard will give a satisfactory experience.

This keyboard comes with so many features let's check it:

1.) Firstly, the body of this keyboard is made of aluminum which makes it solid as a rock.

2.) It comes in three colors light Red, Violet, and Blue which looks good on it.

3.) Redgear Blaze keyboard comes with Floating Keycaps which gives a Mechanical feel.

4.) It comes with Windows key lock, and 19 keys anti-ghost, especially for gaming purposes.

5.) It also has a Windows key-lock function which helps to avoid any kind of pop-ups.


  • Ergonomic floating keycaps make it more worthy.
  • It has a clean body design and a premium keyboard look.
  • This keyboard feels sturdy due to its aluminum body.


  • This keyboard is a little heavy.
  • Printed letters and numbers can't be read without RGB light.
  • The light of NUM, Caps, and Windows lock keys are too bright which affects my eyes.
  • double spacing problems when typing.

2. HP K500F

HP K500F Backlit Membrane Wired Gaming Keyboard
HP K500F Backlit Membrane Wired Gaming Keyboard

If you are a computer accessory buyer then you definitely heard the name HP. This company has lots of experience in laptops and it-accessory so you can also believe in its RGB keyboard.

HP RGB keyboard under 1000 is a Membrane Wired Gaming Keyboard with some mixed color backlights which gives it a stylish look.

HP K500F Backlit Membrane keyboard comes with so many features which are given below:

1.) It is a wired and Full-sized Membrane Keyboard which is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

2.) It comes with 3 RGB color backlights.

3.) LED backlights in HP K500F come with monochromatic or mixed-color lighting options.

4.) It comes with 26 Anti-Ghosting keys which help to give an elegant gaming experience and Double Injection Keycaps are also included.

5.) This keyboard comes with a very slim frame and Gaming buttons which are rated up to 10 million clicks

6.) It also has 3 years manufacturer's warranty so don't worry if you damage its body from somewhere.


  • It gives a mechanical touch feel.
  • This high and low-key layout gives it a great look.
  • It also has a multimedia button.
  • rainbow backlight\megnatic ring USB.


  • There is a common problem to read printed problems after turning off the RGB lights.
  • Its lightning is not soo bright.

3. Zebronics Zeb-Transformer

Zebronics keyboard
Zebronics keyboard

This one is a little costly but worth of money or it could also come under the category of best RGB keyboard under 1300 because its price is 1300.

Zebronics always focus on low-cost but the high-quality product that's why you can find so many laptop accessories under 1000 with high performance and an RGB keyboard is one of them.

It comes in a combo of white color keyboard and mouse due to the wight color you can easily see RGB colors lighting in an effective mode which gives it a premium look.

It also comes with a black variant with an orange shade so you can buy that one also.

Its mouse design is Ergonomic and grippy which makes it so easy to hold for medium and large hands.

It also has so many features which are given ahead:

1.) It comes with a multi-color LED lighting effect. 

2.) Its body is made of aluminum which made this product solid like a rock.

3.)  Zebronics Zeb-Transformer keyboard has Integrated media control function keys with Laser keycaps.

4.) It has a window lock key and a branded connector cable so don't worry about the stretch of the connection cable.

5.) Its Button stokes life 80 million times.


  • it comes with Raised keycaps and tactile membrane keys (Like W, A, S, and D)
  • The rubber pads in it help prevent the keyboard from slipping while playing.
  • It also has RGB lightning-controlling buttons.


Its input sometimes gets stuck while playing the game.

The Zebronics Zeb Space bar takes in a lot of influences due to its uneven tactile design.

4. Offbeat - Slayer RGB Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard

This keyboard can also turn out to be a better option. If you really want a combo of an RGB keyboard and mouse with a mechanical feel, you can opt for the offbeat keyboard.

It gives a truly mechanical feel while using it and improves gaming as well as working efficiency.

Its combination of keys helps to increase your speed and gives a tight grip on the strategy keys and Moderate elasticity keys reduce the Fatigue for prolonged use.

This keyboard also comes with so many features which are listed below:

1.) Offbeat keyboard supported by all operating systems (Linux, Windows all versions,).

2.) It has 12 multimedia keys to give full control over all functions.

3.) It also has 19 Anti-ghosting keys.

4.) Its design also ensures that your every command is registered and it can respond in real-time and improve your gaming efficiency.

5. ) Its gaming mouse has an Ergonomic Multi Color backlight design with 4 Buttons and Durable TEFLON feet for smooth movements.

6.) Mouse also has 4 level DPI adjustment of 1000/1600/2400/3200.


  •  Give a very stylish look for night use.
  • Its mouse DPI value auto resets to the lowest value.


  • Sometimes it required a slightly harder press on some buttons.
  • Its connectors are not gold plated

5. EvoFox Warhammer Keyboard

If you guys are searching for a professional keyboard with RGB lightning then you can choose the EvoFox keyboard.

This keyboard has a simple and elegant look which makes it look professional.

It also has special Breathing Effects which makes it very effective in use.

This keyboard also comes with advanced features which are added below:-

1.) It comes with a Full Sized and Floating Keycap Design.

2.) you can set this keyboard to your comfort position with the help of its kickstand.

3.) EvoFox Warhammer Keyboard comes with 19 anti-ghosting keys which enhance your gaming performance with fast responses.

4.) It also has 12 access Multimedia Keys and a windows lock key which gives a suitable gaming environment.

5.) it has 10 Million keystrokes with a 1.5-meter connecting cable.

6.) It has 1 year of warranty.


  • Build with good quality.
  • it looks so elegant.
  • It has 4 RGB coloring lights.


  • In this keyboard, the RGB lights come in a certain way.
  • EvoFox Warhammer Keyboard is not ideal for typing


In this post, we make a list of the best RGB keyboard under 1000 with their feature, pros, and cons which helps you to choose the best keyboard.

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