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Friday, July 22, 2022

best solar power bank in india

 Hellow Readers

                    These days you hear about solar power as it's become trendy in India so many people are shifting towards solar energy.

Nowadays you have access to many kinds of solar products and a solar power bank is one of them.

people can charge their mobile with solar power in India. it seems to be impossible but technology is growing day by day so nothing is impossible.

The only problem is that Indian people don't know about these products, the only reason they don't have time for it is that people have so much workload from work from home. Therefore, even if they want to buy, then they do not have the knowledge of that product.

That's why these people are late to buy old technology products, which they have been doing for a long.

But now you don't worry in this post we made a list of the best solar charger for mobile so you can check your requirements and choose which one is best for you. 

 Points before you buy any solar charger for mobile

  • You should check the power of this charger.
  • Which kind of battery is used in the charger ( Lithium Battery is good enough.)
  • The current should be stable so that your mobile can't be affected.

best solar power bank in India

I can't say that there are so many options for solar power banks in India but still some good products are available for you.

1. KepswinSolar Charger 20000mAh

This solar bank is one of the best products in India. KepswinSolar is an affordable and Portable Solar Power Bank.

KepswinSolar Charger 20000mAh
KepswinSolar Charger 20000mAh

This product is compatible with tablets, Android, and phones. If you are going on a trip and thinking to buy a power then it could be the best option for you.

Now before you buy it checks its features:- 

1.) It is a 20000mAh high-quality solar power bank.

2.) This product is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android.

3.) It also has a two-led flashlight.

4.) Total power of this product is 74Wh so you can take it on a flight.

5.) It has two USB outputs so that you can charge two devices together.


6.) It has one solar plate which is enough.

7.) A sos is in build for an emergency.

8.) This power bank can also be charged by the power supply.

9.) KepswinSolar has the waterproof and dustproof function

10.) This product has CE and UL certificates for safe use.


  • It has a 20000mAh battery


  • Charging from sunlight may take a long time.
  • Use one device at once.

2. NOAA Emergency Power Bank

As its name says it is an emergency power bank which could be used just for some time. This product also had a USB charging port which gives you an option to charge your phone.

This product also comes with so many options like Radio, touch, Reading Lamp and so more NOAA also has some features let it out :

1.) It also has a 2000mAH battery to charge your mobile phone.

2.) It also has a radio with a 108 MHz frequency.

3.) This product is can charge small smartphones.

4.) It has a AAA battery which gives you high power.


This product has so many options like SOS, FM, and AM, Flashlight more.


  • This product is suitable for small mobiles.
  • Can't charge iPhones.
  • Take so much time to charge mobiles.


We add some best solar power banks in India to our list but the Indian solar power sector is still growing that's why As time passes, you can get to see more good products.

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