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Friday, June 17, 2022

best insurance for mobile phones in India

 The unexpected repair or replacement of your phone could leave you in the ring for hundreds of dollars, but the right insurance plan for your phone will make it less expensive. 

If you purchase an insurance policy for their cellphone customers pay an annual or monthly fee usually from $5 to $20 per month. 

If the device gets damaged or lost the policy will allow them to fix or replace it at a fraction of the value of the device with an amount that is cost-sharing.

best insurance for mobile phones
best insurance for mobile phones

There are many insurance policies that offer similar coverage, however, it's essential to read through the policies and providers before making a final decision.

 The best policies are affordable and come with low deductibles making it simple to make a claim. Other factors such as bundling discounts, multi-device choices and reviews from customers can be helpful when choosing the best insurance company. Find out more about the best provider for your requirements.

Benefits of the best insurance for mobile phones in India

  • Insurance covers the cost of repair and replacement costs
  • Protection against damage or theft
  • In the event of insurance, replacement for damaged or destroyed smartphones is possible, without downgrading to less expensive models
  • Eliminates the stress of having to search for repairs

best insurance for mobile phones in India

#1. Syska Gadget Secure

Syska Gadget secure provides mobile protection from theft and damages. The insurance period is one year and only covers new phones.

The plans start at the price of Rs. 1199, and are available via the official portal or Amazon.

#2. OneAssist

OneAssist protects against accidents and liquid damages for a time of one year.

Protection plans begin at the price of Rs. $67 per month and is available on the OneAssist website.

#3. SyncNscan

SyncNscan offers mobile insurance on old and new phones for a one-year period. Plans start at the price of Rs. 249 per month.

The insurance is available via the SyncNScan online portal or via Amazon, Shopclues, Snapdeal, Flipkart and eBay.

Top 5 best insurance for mobile phones

#1. Onsite Go Mobile Insurance

Onsite Go protects electronic devices and household appliances such as mobiles, laptops, digital cameras TV, AC, microwave, refrigerator, and washing machines.

The company will cover damages to mobile phones worldwide, but the phones should be bought from India only.

Risk Covered

  • Damage to the screen or display
  • Spills or Liquid causes damage
  • Extended Warranty

Protect yourself

The plans for protection can be purchased on the website of the company, or via Amazon. Extended warranties can also be purchased through Croma stores.

The activation link will be sent via email around 1 hour to 2 days following the purchase. Details such as serial number, IMEI, etc . can be filled out online. Additionally, you will must submit an invoice for the confirmation that you have activated.

The activation must be completed within 30 days of the time of buying the program.

#2. Acko Mobile Insurance

The cash-free Acko smartphone protection program is available only available to phones purchased from Amazon.

You can buy the Acko protection plan and mobile from Amazon.

The plan cannot be used on second-hand or refurbished devices. The plan is not available for purchase as a stand-alone item on Amazon or through any other retailer.

Risk Covered

  • Liquid damages
  • Accidental physical damage including screen damage
  • Repairs under warranty

Not covered in the Acko protection plan is loss or theft or damage to the device, wear and tear damage reported after seven days, damage to accessories such as memory cards and SIMs and repair that is not authorized.

#3. Flipkart Total Mobile Protection(CMP) Insurance Plan

Flipkart along and Bajaj Allianz has an insurance plan for smartphones and mobiles bought through Flipkart.

Risk Covered

  • Accidental screen damages
  • Screens are damaged by liquids
  • Software and hardware glitches

Active Protection

The plan is activated automatically upon the delivery of the mobile and lasts for one year starting from the day of the delivery.


This Flipkart CMP plan's price for the initial year is Rs. 99 for protection for one year with door-to-door service.

The plan is added to your cart when making purchases for mobile. The plan is not available separately.

#4. Warranty Bazaar Mobile Insurance

Warranty Bazaar offers only two plans, the first being the plan for accidental damage protection and the second is The warranty shield program.

Warranty shield plans cover an interval of between 1 and three years. While the liquid and accidental damage service for the display screen are for one year.

Risk Covered

  • Accidental Damage
  • Shield plan Shield plan

Active Protection

The protection must be activated within 7 days after the purchasing the plan. The activation details and instructions will be sent out by the company via the email address that is registered.


The protection plans are purchased via the portal for the company as well as affiliates and retail partners.

The company, therefore, does not offer plans but offers an online calculator to help you choose warranties with warranty protection.

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